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  • Things for the Week

    This week I learned a few things of interest: In close collaboration with Red Hat the IBM Power Ecosystem team has continued efforts to enable and advance products running on the Power platform. Click here to review the new releases in February: IBM Power Developer Exchange I found the list helpful when using the Power […]

  • How to grab ignition files

    I was helping a colleague grab the latest ignition files for his OpenShift Container Platform workers. worker can be replaced with master or any other MachineConfigPool The machine-config-server is hosted on each of the master nodes and the bootstrap node. Note, this makes it download ignition version 3.2.0. You can use this file for your work with worker ignition. […]

  • Interesting Things of the Week for February 17, 2023

    Security Implementation with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems …As with any production system, it is important to ensure the security of an OpenShift deployment. This includes secure deployment and configuration of the OpenShift components, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure the continued security of the environment. This Redpaper publication provides […]

  • Interesting Things for the Week Ending 10 Feb 2023

    During the week, I accumulate a lot of links/information that I want to come back to over and over again. I find it helpful to blog about them. Here are some of things I found interesting this week, and frankly helpful. Build multi-arch images on GitHub Actions with Buildx  If you have ever wondered how […]

  • Notes on qcow2 on centos

    I recently had to run a centos9 qcow2 on a centos7 machine. I ran into a few problems, however, I found these steps helpful as I worked through the issue and resolved my problem. I’ve recorded them here for posterity. Steps Note, if it fails, add -v -x to see verbose logging. Also make sure your base […]

  • Cool Things I learned last week

    For those following along with my work, I’ve compiled a list of interesting items I’ve run across in the last week: Install minikube on an IBM PowerVM running RHEL 8.6 or 8.7 Want to learn how to install minikube on an IBM Power system running RHEL? Check out this new blog on the IBM Power […]

  • Compliance Operator Quick Notes

    If you’re processing Credit Card Payments on the OpenShift Container Platform, the Payment Card Industry and the Data Security Standard is a must on your cluster. With Red Hat’s release of the Compliance Operator v0.1.59, they added support for IBM Power Systems. I wanted to share a couple of notes about the Compliance Operator: Clarification 2023-FEB-07 […]

  • My MachineConfigPool is … Stuck

    My teammate was investigating an SSHD config change and hit a stuck MachineConfigPool. Here are some steps we followed to get it unstuck. Steps You may have to update the white space. In this case, the local files were edited while preparing the ideal sshd_config and needed a forced update. If you need to select […]

  • How to use OpenScap Scanner on a Mac

    For those, not yet using openscap-scanner on their systems, OpenSCAP is an security auditing framework that utilizes the Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF) and the openscap-scanner executes over the security profile on a target system. One gotcha, I have a Mac, and the tool is not natively supported on the Mac. I decided to […]

  • Access to Power Systems for Development

    Linda, a colleague on IBM Power Systems development, assembled a nice compendium of resources for developing solutions on IBM Power (ppc64le) architecture. To read more click on the link, and review the details Want access to IBM Power Hardware for development efforts? We have compiled a list of cloud, emulation, and on-prem options for you […]