February 2024 Updates

Here are some updates for February 2024

Open Source Container images for Power now available in IBM Container Registry

The Power team has added a new image:

envoy1.29.0podman pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/envoy-ppc64le:1.29.0Feb 7, 2024

Kube-burner is a Kubernetes performance and scale test orchestration toolset. It provides multi-faceted functionality, the most important of which are summarized below. A new version v1.9.2 is released.


Looking to learn more about Multi-Arch Compute on IBM Power? The following blog details how to set up an IBM PowerVS Workspace to a IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/powerdeveloper/blogs/paul-bastide/2024/01/26/setting-up-an-ibm-powervs-workspace-to-a-ibm-cloud 

#IBM #IBMPower #Power10 #PowerVS # #MultiArchCompute #PDeX

Cert-manager is a cluster-wide service that provides application certificate lifecycle management. Learn how to use the cert-manager with your OpenShift cluster on IBM Power: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/powerdeveloper/blogs/paul-bastide/2024/01/18/cert-manager-operator-for-red-hat-openshift-v113 

#IBM #Power10 #IBMPower #RedHat #OpenShift #clusters #clustermanagement #PDeX

FYI: How to visualize your OpenSCAP compliance reports Discover SCAPinoculars, a tool that helps you to visualize OpenSCAP reports, and the advantages it brings when used with the OpenShift Compliance Operator.


My colleague Yussuf cut a new release v6.0.0 of ocp4-upi-powervs Please be sure to pull the latest code and use it when appropriate.

FYI: My colleague @Punith Kenchappa posted an article on configuring your Multi-Arch Compute Pods with NodeAffinity see Controlling Pod placement based on weighted node-affininty with your Multi-Arch Compute cluster. It’s super helpful for scheduling workloads across architecture types.




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