Digital Developer Conference – Hybrid Cloud: Integrating Healthcare Data in a Serverless World

Recently I developed and presented this lab… which gets released in late September 2021. In this lab, developers integrate a healthcare data application using IBM FHIR Server with Red Hat OpenShift Serverless to create and respond to a healthcare scenario. This lab is a companion to the session Integrating Healthcare Data in a Serverless World at Digital Developer Conference – Hybrid Cloud. The content for this lab can be found at Have fun! Enjoy… Ask Questions… I’m here to help.

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Playing with buildah and ubi-micro: Part 1

buildah is an intriguing open source tool to build of Open Container Initiative (OCI) container images using a scripted approach versus a traditional Dockerfile. It’s fascinating and I’ve started to use podman and buildah to build my project’s images.

I picked ubi-micro as my startingn point. Per Red Hat, ubi-microis the smallest possible image excludinng the package manager and all of its dependencies which are normally included in a container image. This approach is an alternative to the current release of the IBM FHIR Server image. The following only documents my first stages with Java testing.

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