April 2024 Updates

Here are some updates for April 2024.

FYI: I was made aware of kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator and the release simulator/v0.2.0.

That’s why we are developing a simulator for kube-scheduler — you can try out the behavior of the scheduler while checking which plugin made what decision for which Node.


The Linux on Power Team added three new Power supported containers.

cassandra 	4.1.3 	docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/cassandra-ppc64le:4.1.3 	April 2, 2024
milvus 	v2.3.3 	docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/milvus-ppc64le:v2.3.3 	April 2, 2024
rust 	1.66.1 	docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/rust-ppc64le:1.66.1 	April 2, 2024
mongodb 5.0.26 April 9, 2024 docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/mongodb-ppc64le:5.0.26
mongodb 6.0.13 April 9, 2024 docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/mongodb-ppc64le:6.0.13
logstash 8.11.3 April 9, 2024 docker pull icr.io/ppc64le-oss/logstash-ppc64le:8.11.3 

Added a new fix for imagestream set schedule


An article worth rekindling in our memories…

Optimal LPAR placement for a Red Hat OpenShift cluster within IBM PowerVM

Optimal logical partition (LPAR) placement can be important to improve the performance of workloads as this can favor efficient use of the memory and CPU resources on the system. However, for certain configuration and settings such as I/O devices allocation to the partition, amount of memory allocation, CPU entitlement to the partition, and so on we might not get a desired LPAR placement. In such situations, the technique described in this blog can enable you to place the LPAR in a desired optimal configuration.


There is an updated list Red Hat products supporting IBM Power.


Enhancing container security with Aqua Trivy on IBM Power

… IBM Power development team found that Trivy is as effective as other open source scanners in detecting vulnerabilities. Not only does Trivy prove to be suitable for container security in IBM Power clients’ DevSecOps pipelines, but the scanning process is simple. IBM Power’s support for Aqua Trivy underscores its industry recognition for its efficacy as an open source scanner.


Podman 5.0 is released





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