Paul Bastide

A problem solving and inventive developer focused on leading software teams to develop great software. I am currently architecting, building, maintaining and enhancing a resilient and compliant healthcare data platform. I am energetically focused on mentoring early career employees to find and attain their goals.

With twenty years of experience in the Information Technology field, I have had roles which give me a perspective of deep technical enablement of customers, supporting customers, integrating systems-of-systems, and high-performance development. These roles have provided me with an outlet for problem solving and implementing solutions to complex software engineering problems.

On my current project, I lead development of a strategic healthcare data platform – GxP practices, GDPR, HIPAA, IBM WebSphere Liberty, J2EE, DB2 Warehouse, HBase, Kafka, Jenkins, Git – to answer complicated healthcare problems with near real-time FHIR data.

I am also an enthusiastic inventor with over 250 filed patent applications and over 100 granted patent applications. I am a recognized IBM Master Inventor who fosters intellectual property creation, evaluates hundreds of disclosures and mentors many inventors.

In my spare time, I travel, snap photographs, hike mountains and follow the #RedSox.

You can follow me at:
GitHub: https://github.com/prb112
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulbastide/
Blog: https://bastide.org
Twitter: @prb112

Keywords: Healthcare Data Platform, BigData, HIPAA, GDPR, GxP, PaaS Cloud, WebSphere Liberty, Kafka, HBase, DB2, Solid Communication, Complex Integrations, Git, RTC, Jenkins, HL7, FHIR

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead March 2017 to Current

IBM Watson Platform for Health, Cambridge, MA

I lead a team to build health data platform using extract-transformer-load techniques over REST APIs. I also lead the development of near real-time notification of health data messages. I also lead the integration with the IBM IOP Platform – HDFS, HBase, Kafka.

For eight months, I led a team of ten developers to develop and release three versions of a patient insight service for Watson Platform for Health – Patient Data Export API. The project processed complicated FHIR data into a Dimensional and Analytical model to derive patient and population insight related to real-time healthcare events. The project involved deep FHIR DSTU2, ETL, SQL knowledge, Java, JAX-RS, REST APIs, Jenkins, Maven, Chef and Urban Code Deploy. The project was a rigorous GxP managed project. More information about the project may be found at the description page and the API page.  

I lead a small team to stabilize the IBM DataStage ETL pipeline deployment and secure the data pipeline against attack vectors and service resiliency.

I developed the IBM Watson Platform for Health GxP Disaster Recovery framework for FHIR and FILE data. I built wrapper automation and code around Kafka Topics, Message Management and MirrorMaker. I developed a deep expertise in Kafka to test and manage the most critical disaster recovery use cases – recovery objectives, performance, recovery points, active-passive, active-active and active-passive. I heavily used Chef, UCD, Bash and Java. More information about the project may be found at site.

I lead a team to develop a Data Export Feature from the GxP FHIR data lake. The small team developed and delivered four APIs in a short period of time, integrating with HBase, Kafka and DB2 to enable the feature. I heavily used Chef, UCD, Bash and Java. More information about the project may be found at the description page and the API page.

Advisory Software Engineer, Team Lead                           

January 2016 to March 2017

IBM Watson Health Cloud, Cambridge, MA

I lead a team to build health data platform APIs to subscribe to patient data updates, retrieve patient data using REST and JDBC.  I built the platform using open source, maven, Jenkins and Urban Code Deploy.   The team has also developed a FHIR Server integration, a Kafka integration, Web Socket integration and build a JPA data access layer.

I participated in Project Elephant to establish a micro-services and hosted platform for healthcare developers.

Advisory Software Engineer, Team Lead                               

March 2014 to December 2016

IBM Connections Cloud Application Development Team, Littleton, MA

I lead a cross-functional team to deliver the IBM Connections Cloud’s largest partner platform integration.  The integration’s goal is to enable millions of users with the APIs.  The integration involved leading three distinct teams (Activities, Search, Business Support) to develop the platform’s scalability, security, dissect issues, build requirements, and advocate for the partner. I also built customized test harnesses to replay network traces for testing, and ensure that Service Level Objectives were met for the platform. The partner name may be provided on request.

I lead a cross-functional area effort to architect and build the IBM Connections Developer Experience.   The Experience is composed of operational, infrastructure and marketing components, which support customers and partners as they develop custom integrations.  My team has enabled dozens of customers, partners and IBM employees to build social integration.   The engagement involved StackOverflow, GitHub, website and blog to promote the experience.

I lead a team to deliver an IBM Bluemix offering, which integrates IBM Connections Cloud with a service broker, sample application, documentation, and customized release details.  I lead a worldwide agile development team to deliver the assets as an experimental service in 2015.

I lead a team to architect and develop the IBM Connections Cloud API Management component to throttle, manage and report on third party access to the Cloud APIs.  The API Management component design ensures a consistent experience is delivered to all tenants, while protecting the tenants from malicious actors. 

I lead the team to enable Activity Streams in the IBM Connections Cloud.  I gathered requirements from the customer, architected the JavaScript and OpenSocial, executed an extensive security-testing plan, and lead a global team to build, automate deployment and test the integration.  The integration is being rolled out progressively to partners. 

Advisory Software Engineer, Technical Team Lead              

September 2012 to March 2014

IBM Social Application Development and Strategy Team

In 2012, I joined the newly formed strategy team to define the development mission for the IBM Collaboration Solutions brand’s offerings.  The team needed to drive down the total cost of implementation for developers to build integrations with the IBM Social and Collaboration offerings.  I, and the team, built the initial strategy, and presented the overall strategy to the senior technical and business leadership.

I lead the development of IBM Social Application Development workshop.  I recruited a cross-functional group of people from WebSphere Portal, IBM Domino, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and the IBM Social SDK team.  I built two labs, which demonstrated how to build complex integrations with the SDK and build a solution for embedded experiences.   The lab became a foundation for partner training and has been reused by the IBM ISV and Developer Relations team.

As part of the technical strategy to reduce overall cost of implementation, I designed and developed the IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business to be a self-service image, which worked within a fixed resource limits.  I built four releases for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM SoftLayer; where I lead the requirements gathering, release management, development, testing and support. Based on customer feedback, I built a legally downloadable virtual machine; the work was completed and never released.

I frequently worked with IBM Business Partners and IBM Services organizations to produce custom integrations with IBM Social Software.  These integrations were demonstrated at the yearly software brand conference. A set of example integrations may be provided upon request.

In 2013, I was also appointed IBM Master Inventor.   I was recognized for leadership with the Invention Development teams, my active mentoring of prospective inventors, sustained invention, and my review of hundreds of patent disclosures.

Advisory Software Engineer, Team Lead                               

September 2011 to August 2012

IBM Software Services for Collaboration, Littleton, MA

I lead a team of consultants to transform the services team’s acquisition of key skills.  I interviewed a subset of the services team, gathered feedback, and build a repeatable pattern for skills acquisition and transfer.  I was scrum master for the team.

I built custom social business mashups to show where skills are located in the organization, and what skills are located in which geography. I developed a tool audit the social tags, which identified the skills, so that the organization could see the growth of skills, and focus on growing specific.   I developed a tracking utility to calculate the popularity of the transformation work on IBM Connections.

Advisory Software Engineer, Team Lead                               

July 2008 to September 2011

IBM Lotus Business Partner Technical Enablement, Littleton, MA

I lead a team of engineers to work with IBM Business Partners to develop integrations with the IBM Social Business portfolio. I enabled over one hundred partners to build solutions with the IBM Social Business Toolkit, IBM Lotus Symphony and IBM Connections.

I was one of the key members of the Lotus Solutions Development Lab, which the team used to showcase the key advancement in technology for the Lotus division.  I taught many developers how to build complex integrations with IBM Lotus Software.

I architected, developed and released the IBM LotusLive Connector for Lotus Symphony and IBM ChartShare.  The solutions integrate Software-as-a-Service solutions with office productivity.  I used these solutions to demonstrate the value of integrating with IBM Lotus Symphony. 

I developed many rich client and rich Internet applications for the Lotus products, as I enabled partners with key skills I wanted to share and emphasize.  I used these applications to evangelize IBM Lotus Symphony and IBM Social Business Toolkit – inside and outside of IBM.

I also developed a Roadmap Enablement Tool to manage skills and learning activities for IBM partners.  I also developed a skills roadmap for IBM Lotus Symphony.

Staff Software Engineer, Team Lead                                      

August 2004 to July 2008

IBM Innovation Center, Waltham, MA

I lead key performance testing and architectural reviews with IBM’s strategic partnerships. The partnership integrated with the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio. 

I developed solution architectures for partner integrations.  I lead and assisted business partner enablement with Lotus and WebSphere Portal products.  I delivered many workshops on the products – IBM Forms, IBM Connections, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Workplace Collaboration Services, IBM Workplace Services Express, IBM Notes and Domino.

I developed and maintained the technical validation processes for the Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal and Ready for Lotus Software.  I trained the global team to follow the process, avoid code contamination, and effectively evaluate the partner’s applications as part of the technical validation.