About: Paul Bastide

Paul Bastide

Paul Bastide is a problem solving and inventive developer focused on leading teams to develop great software. He is currently building, maintaining and enhancing solutions on the OpenShift Platform on Power Systems. He is energetically focused on mentoring early career employees to find and attain their goals.


With over four hundred patents, Paul is recognized as a prolific inventor on Wikipedia’s List of prolific inventors.


With twenty years of experience in the Information Technology field, Paul has had roles which give a perspective of deep technical enablement of customers, supporting customers, integrating systems-of-systems, and high-performance development. These roles have provided me with an outlet for problem solving and implementing solutions to complex software engineering problems.

Projects I have worked on

OpenShift on IBM Power Systems

I am developing offering on the IBM Power Systems OpenShift offering. I engineer container solutions in Go, Kubernetes Operators and Python.


The IBM FHIR Server is a modular Java implementation of version 4 of the HL7 FHIR specification with a focus on performance and configurability.

I have worked on all elements of the project including FHIR Search, Persistence, migration from DSTU2 to R4, bulk data and Automation.

Link to the Project GitHub

IBM Watson Platform for Health Resiliency Framework

I developed the IBM Watson Platform for Health GxP Disaster Recovery framework for FHIR and FILE data. I built wrapper automation and code around Kafka Topics, Message Management and MirrorMaker. I developed a deep expertise in Kafka to test and manage the most critical disaster recovery use cases – recovery objectives, performance, recovery points, active-passive, active-active and active-passive. I heavily used Chef, UCD, Bash and Java. More information about the project may be found at site.

IBM Watson Platform for Health Patient Data Export

A near real-time health data platform using extract-transformer-load techniques with HL7 FHIR DSTU2, and presenting realtime patient and population insights over REST APIs.

The project was built on the the Apache platform – HDFS, HBase, Kafka. Where I led a team of ten developers to develop the Patient Data Export API using a Dimensional and Analytical model to derive patient and population insight related to real-time healthcare events. The project involved deep FHIR DSTU2, ETL, SQL knowledge, Java, JAX-RS, REST APIs, Jenkins, Maven, Chef and Urban Code Deploy. The project was a rigorous GxP managed project. More information about the project may be found at the description page and the API page

IBM Watson Health Cloud

I led a team to build health data platform APIs to subscribe to patient data updates, retrieve patient data using REST and JDBC.  I architected the platform using open source, maven, Jenkins and Urban Code Deploy.   The team has also developed a FHIR Server integration, a Kafka integration, Web Socket integration and to build a JPA data access layer. I participated in project to establish a micro-services and a hosted HIPAA-enabled platform for healthcare developers.

IBM Watson Platform for Health Data Export

I led a team to develop a Data Export Feature from the GxP FHIR data lake. The small team developed and delivered four APIs in a short period of time, integrating with HBase, Kafka and DB2 to enable the feature. I heavily used Chef, UCD, Bash and Java. More information about the project may be found at the description page and the API page.


If you are interested, I have badges recognizing thought leadership, data science skills, and other skills. Please see my Acclaim Profile: Paul Bastide for more details.