A couple IBM Power related updates

A couple quick updates…

opentofus – a terraform Compatible Build for ppc64le

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSU OSL) provides Power servers to develop and test open source projects on the Power Architecture platform. OSU OSL provides ppc64le VMs and bare metal machines as well as CI. Read more about their Power services here.

You can download the latest version of OpenTofu for ppc64le here. A pull request for a documentation update has now merged. View the official OpenTofu documentation here.


Cost Management for OpenShift is a SaaS offering that provides users cost visibility across their hybrid cloud environments. The Cost Management Operator obtains OpenShift usage data by querying Prometheus every hour to create usage reports which is then uploaded to Cost Management at console.redhat.com to be processed and viewed.

Red Hat Cost Management is now available on IBM Power with the latest release version 3.2


FYI: Chandan posted Multi-Architecture Compute: Supporting Architecture Specific Operating System and Kernel Parameters https://community.ibm.com/community/user/powerdeveloper/blogs/chandan-abhyankar/2024/03/06/multi-architecture-compute-supporting-architecture





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