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  • Tracing the IBM FHIR Server file access on MacOSX

    Tracing the IBM FHIR Server file access on MacOSX

  • Using Docker and Kafka with IBM FHIR Server Audit for Testing

    Thie attached GIST is a package of Kubernetes yaml files and Java code to test locally with Docker/Kubernetes with the IBM FHIR Server. You’ll want to kubectl apply -f <filename> for each of the files. Then apply the fhir-server-config-snippet.json to your fhir-server-config.json And run kubectl config use-context docker-desktopkubectl -n fhir-cicd-ns port-forward kafka-0 9092 Thanks to […]

  • DockerHub API to Get Statistics

  • Using the HL7 FHIR® Da Vinci Health Record Exchange $member-match operation in IBM FHIR Server

    HL7 FHIR® Da Vinci Health Record Exchange (HREX) is an FHIR Implementation Guide at version 0.2.0 – STU R1 – 2nd ballot. The HREX Implementation Guide is a foundational guide for all of the Da Vinci guides which support US payer, provider, member and HIPAA covered entity data exchange. The guide defines “FHIR profiles, operations” and depends on HL7 FHIR® US Core Implementation Guide STU3 Release 3.1.0. In an issue, I implemented this profile and operation.

  • Checking fillfactor for Postgres Tables

    If you want to check your fillfactor settings, you can can check the `pg_class` admin table to see your settings using this article.

  • GitHub Action Workflow Tips

    I went through a Knowledge Transfer to a teammate who is implementing GitHub Actions and workflows in their repository. My team has been working with GitHub actions since they became available to developers. You can see my team’s workflows at and our automation scripts at Here are my tips: Pushing Changes to GH […]

  • Recipe: Running the IBM FHIR Server behind a Reverse Proxy

    A common deployment pattern for the IBM FHIR Server is to run the Application Server behind a reverse proxy (e.g. OpenShift Route, Kubernetes Ingress, NGINX or API Gateway). By default, the IBM FHIR Server runs under the https://localhost:9443/fhir-server/api/v4 context root and URI. With a modest configuration change, one can change to a context root (baseUrl) or use the X-FHIR-FORWARDED-URL to forward the incoming url to the IBM FHIR Server (expected to be from a trusted reverse proxy).

  • Postgres and Vacuum with the IBM FHIR Server: Debugging Details

    The IBM FHIR Server stores resources in the PostgreSQL database and uses a relational model to store historical FHIR Resource and enable search on the latest FHIR resources. The resource data is spread in a relational model that is occasionally tweaked in order to improve search or optimize the retrieval using the relational model. This article outlines debugging with VACUUM on Postgres.

  • Syncing Git Tags across Repositories

    This article outlines how you should sync tags across repositories.

  • Determining Function Signatures with Postgres

    Determining Function Signatures with Postgres