Lake 2012

Washington DC / Virginia – April 2013

Portland Maine 2013

Harold Parker State Forest March 2012

I love this forest, it’s easily accessible in any weather (just be careful during hunting season). I did walk around a bit, and finally decided my boots had it. I turned around walked through mud, water, snow and ice to get back to the car.

Net of it all, 7 photos to describe the day.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Mount Lafayette and Lincoln and Little Haystack – July 2012

July 2012 – 3 down 45 to go

Chicago “Bang Bang” 2013

Harold Parker on the 31st

I walked around in the rain, cold and wind. To be out among the weather and the forest is the best way to get out and be with nature.

End of the December and Christmas 2011

Harold Parker State Forest

Fun times, Food, and a brief walk in a state park 🙂

Mount Monadnock

Bradley Palmer May 2011

Rails to Trails May 2011

From my walk on the Rails to Trails project, I highly recommend people use it, walk it, and support the effort.

LobsterFest 2011

a trip south, a trip north, a trip west, the Lobsters travel east… And we eat.

July 4 2011

Plum Island – July 2011

A walk through the Nature Trails and Bird watching places on plum island with Julia



The Animals Tour 2011