Solution (Eclipse): EAR Projects Generated for JavaEE Import

Importing my project into Eclipse, I found so many additional EAR projects were being generated. To stop this feature, I went to Eclipse > Preference > Maven > Java EE Integration and unchecked Enable Java EE Configuration. I removed the cached EAR projects (deleting from disk) and removed the regular projects, and imported again.  Voila…. it worked.

Solution: Overriding Behavior In Eclipse

In order to override behavior in Eclipse, use the following profile.


Solution: Random EAR Projects

I had a similar experience and ran across m2e-wtp: 1.1.0.

m2e-wtp can also be disabled via the m2e.wtp.activation set tofalse in the Maven section of your project pom.xml.

I create a new workspace and cloned a fresh copy of my code in a temp directory. I then updated the parent pom.xml with the following:


I then imported Existing Maven Projects and no extra EAR projects.

The JAX-RS, JPA and JSF configurators can be enabled or disabled at a workspace level from Window > Preferences > Maven > Java EE Integration.