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  • Weekly Notes

    In this update, I found a subnet cidr cheat sheet that helps greatly.

  • Weekly Notes

    I found these things very helpful this week Tip: Creating a Manifest List Image for Acme Airlines Tip: Sock Shop Demo Provides a solid microservices demo. GitHub Tip: NUMA Background There are some issues with NUMA control that make it so much harder to manage. There are some issues with NUMA nodes and container…

  • Weekly Notes

    There are so many interesting things to share: crane is a tool for interacting with remote images and registries. You can extract a binary my-util for a given architecture using: You can extract a binary from a manifest-listed image using: a. IBM/powervs-tang-server-automation: v1.0.4 b. IBM/powervm-tang-server-automation: v1.0.0

  • Development Notes

    Here are some things I found interesting this week: Day-0 Day-1 Day-2 Definitions day-0: customized installationday-1: customization performed only once after installing a cluster, day-2: tasks performed multiple times during the life of a cluster Thanks to a Red Hat colleague for this wonderful definition. sfdisk tips I used sfdisk in a PowerVM project. I…

  • Weekly Notes

    Here are my weekly notes for the week of 10 April 2023 It’s a very cool project, and I’ll be following it.

  • Weekly Tips and Notes

    The tips and notes for the week are included, I hope they help you. TIP: Check the System Admins on OpenShift A quick one to find the cluster-admins… Ref: Tip: Can I act as kube-admin? I needed to double check if I could act as kube:admin. Ref: Blog Post: Advanced debugging techniques for OpenShift Container…

  • Weekly Notes

    For the week, I ran across a few things and wrote one blog for the IBM Power Developer Exchange. a. get the coreos container b. create the qemu vm As you define, build, and run your OpenShift Container Platform cluster, you should be aware of the rich security features available. Here is a curated list…

  • Handy Dandy Tricks for the Week

    As I work with Linux and the OpenShift Container Platform, I run into some handy tips, tricks and patterns that make my job easier, and I wanted to share with you all (and so I can find these details in the future): 1. Verifying etcd data is encrypted The etcd depends on the Kube-APIServer and…

  • Things I learned this week

    Things that I’ve learned for the week: Changing how you view your solutions can free you to modernise, evolve, and detect the challenges that lie ahead from a far better vantage point. On Monday, March 20th, traffic from the older registry will be redirected to with the eventual goal of sunsetting

  • Things for the Week

    This week I learned a few things of interest: In close collaboration with Red Hat the IBM Power Ecosystem team has continued efforts to enable and advance products running on the Power platform. Click here to review the new releases in February: IBM Power Developer Exchange I found the list helpful when using the Power…