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Recently, I started a leadership position on a new squad focused on OpenShift on IBM Power Systems. Two of my teammates have posted blogs about their work:

  1. Configuring Seccomp Profile on OpenShift Container Platform for Security and Compliance on Power from Aditi covers the ins and outs of configuring the seccomp profile, and tells you why you should care and how you can configure it with your workload.
  2. Encrypting etcd data on Power from Gaurav covers encrypting the etcd data store on OpenShift and how to go through some common operations related to etcd management when it’s encrypted.
  3. Encrypting OpenShift Container Platform Disks on Power Systems from Gaurav covers encryption concepts, how to setup an external tang cluster on IBM PowerVS, how to setup a cluster on IBM PowerVS and how to confirm the encrypted disk setup.
  4. OpenShift TLS Security Profiles on IBM Power from Gaurav covers the setting up of TLS inside OpenShift and verifying the settings.
  5. Lessons Learned using Security Context Constraints OpenShift from Aditi covers key things she learned from using Security Context Constraints
  6. Securing NFS Attached Storage Notes from Aditi covers restricting the use of NFS mounts/securing the attached storage.
  7. Using the Compliance Operator to support PCI-DSS on OpenShift Container Platform on Power from Aditi dives into the PCI-DSS profile with the Compliance Operator.
  8. Configuring a PCI-DSS compliant OpenShift Container Platform cluster on IBM Power from Gaurav dives into configuring a compliance cluster with recipes to enable proper configuration.

I hope you found these as useful as I did. Best wishes, PB





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