Moving on…

In 2019, I joined the IBM FHIR Server team. A team tasked with engineering an internal FHIR server (DSTU2) as an updated and upgrade open source HL7 FHIR R4 Server. The open sourced code, on GitHub IBM® FHIR® Server – IBM/FHIR is a product of many contributors since it’s inception in 2016 (the project history goes back to the DSTU2 days). I contributed over a 1000 commits over my time working on the project, authored over 300 issues, opened-updated-closed 600 plus Pull Requests, and triaged/reviewed and designed many more.

Today I’m moving on to IBM Power Systems and working on OpenShift.

Contributions to the Project – Automation, Search, Hard Erase, Performance, Data Storage, Bulk Data

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