Postgres and Vacuum with the IBM FHIR Server: Debugging Details

The IBM FHIR Server stores resources in the PostgreSQL database and uses a relational model to store historical FHIR Resource and enable search on the latest FHIR resources. The resource data is spread in a relational model that is occasionally tweaked in order to improve search or optimize the retrieval using the relational model. This article outlines debugging with VACUUM on Postgres.

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Recipe: IBM FHIR Server – Adding a Custom Extended Operation to the IBM FHIR Server

The IBM FHIR Server has support for extended operations beyond the standard C-R-U-D. The Extended Operations are supported at the System, Resource, and Instance levels. Operations are packaged as JAR files, and the IBM FHIR Server loads the specific Operation using the Java ServiceLoader framework at startup. This document outlines how to add a custom extended operation to the IBM FHIR Server.

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Recipe: IBM FHIR Server – Add Tenant Key, Revoke Tenant Key and Revoke All Tenant Keys

The IBM FHIR Server supports many different persistence stores – Apache Derby, Postgres, and IBM Db2. The IBM Db2 offering includes a multi-tenancy feature with row-level permissions. Each tenant is assigned a unique internal id for the tenantName and tenantKey. The tenantKey on each JDBC connection is verified using a one-way hash, and supports `allocating` a tenant, `adding` a key to an existing tenant, `revoking` a key and `revoking` all tenant keys.

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Recipe: IBM FHIR Server – Using Bulk Data with the Azure Blob Service

The IBM FHIR Server has support for exporting and importing Bulk Data using extended operations for Bulk Data $import, $export and $bulkdata-status, which are implemented as Java Maven projects. The IBM FHIR Server uses JSR252 JavaBatch jobs running in the Open Liberty Java Batch Framework. The IBM FHIR Server supports storage providers S3 (aws-s3,ibm-cos), File System (file), and now Azure (azure-blob). I recently implemented support for the Azure Blob Service in IBM/FHIR Pull Request #2413. The code that supports the Azure client uses the OK Http library and not Netty to communicate with the backend. The storage provider is implemented…

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Let’s Go: Start-to-End with the IBM FHIR Server and Bulk Data

In IBM FHIR Server 4.6.0, IBM FHIR Server has refactored the supported Bulk Data operations that support the HL7 FHIR BulkDataAccess IG: STU1 and the Proposal for $import Operation.

To demonstrate the new features in a quick script, use the following to setup an S3 demonstration from the start-to-end.

Setup Minio
Setup IBM FHIR Server
Load Sample Data
Run $import
Run $export

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