Docker Compose and Not Able to set a TTY in a Git Hub actions

In my GitHub Repository IBM FHIR Server, we use GitHub Actions to execute our Continuous Integration (CI) workflows. The CI workflows enable us to execute our code in complicated scenarios – a database (IBM Db2, Postgres), events system (Kafka (two zookeeper, two brokers), NATS) in a mix of various configurations.

I started to enable Docker Compose with Kafka and the IBM FHIR Server’s Audit module.

I ran into this error when running docker-compose exec in my workflow’s run.

TEST_CONFIGURATION: check that there is output and the configuration works
the input device is not a TTY
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

It turns out this is well known in GitHub Actions with a great example of a fix at

I ended up changing my workflow, and it passed!

The key being in setting the shell value – shell: 'script -q -e -c "bash {0}"'

- name: Server Integration Tests - Audit
WORKSPACE: ${{ github.workspace }}
shell: 'script -q -e -c "bash {0}"'
run: |
bash build/audit/bin/ ${{matrix.audit}}
bash build/audit/bin/ ${{matrix.audit}}
bash build/audit/bin/ ${{matrix.audit}}





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