To setup ODBC bridge from IBM Integration Bus to Db2, download and install the ODBC bridge from the IBM Data Server Runtime Clients. It’s a 1.3 GB download, and you only need about a 40 MB file for your system.

The installation is straight forward – Click Next, and Finish.

The complexity and detailed steps are in the configuration of the ODBC Bridge and IIB.

To setup the ODBC bridge and IIB, follow these directions:

  1. Start > Run

  2. Type ODBC

  3. Click on Data Sources

  4. Click on `Configure ODBC

  5. Enter the Connection Details

Name Value
Username db2admin
Password fakepass!
Port 50000
Database name SAMPLE
  1. Name the alias as SAMPLE

  2. Launch a Command prompt

  3. Start > Run

  4. Enter cmd

  5. Change directory to server\bin

  6. Launch iib

C:\Program Files\IBM\IIB\\server\ 
bin>mqsisetdbparms.exe TESTNODE_cheetah -n SAMPLE -u db2admin -p fakepass!

        BIP8071I: Successful command completion. 
        TESTNODE_cheetah should be your local node in Eclipse. 

You want to restart the Node (you can look in the lower right of your toolkit)

  1. Right Click the Node

  2. Select Stop, Then Start

Now, that it is setup, the steps to read the data, the ESQL is easy:

You can then send a message using the IIB tests , and confirm using your database Db2 select * from DB2ADMIN.EMPLOYEE.

To Write Data, create a New Input Message with

"EMPNO" : "2229",
"FIRSTNME" : "Paul",
"JOB" : "PRES",
"EDLEVEL" : 18

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