Multi Arch Compute OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster on IBM Power 

Following the release of Red Hat OpenShift 4.14, clients can run x86 and IBM Power Worker Nodes in the same OpenShift Container Platform Cluster with Multi-Architecture Compute. A study compared the performance implications of deploying applications on a Multi Arch Compute OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster with a cluster exclusively built on IBM Power architecture. Findings revealed that performance had no significant impact with or without Multi Arch Compute. Click here to learn more about the study and the results found. 

Watch the Red Hat OpenShift Multi-Arch Introduction Video to learn how, why, and when to add Power to your x86 OpenShift cluster.   

Watch the OpenShift Multi-Arch Sock Shop Demonstration Video deploying the open-source Sock Shop e-commerce solution using a mix of x86 and Power Worker Nodes with Red Hat OpenShift Multi-Arch to further your understanding. 







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