Awesome Notes – 11/28

Here are some great resources for OpenShift Container Platform on Power:

UKI Brunch & Learn – Red Hat OpenShift – Multi-Architecture Compute

Glad to see the Multiarchitecture Compute with an Intel Control Plane and Power worker in all its glory. Thanks to Paul Chapman

Explore Multi Arch Compute in OpenShift cluster with IBM Power systems

In the ever-evolving landscape of computing, the quest for optimal performance and adaptability remains constant. This study delves into the performance implications of deploying applications on a Multi Arch Compute OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster, comparing it with a cluster exclusively built on IBM Power architecture. Our findings reveal that, with or without Multi Arch Compute, there is no significant impact on performance.

Thanks to @Mel from the IBM Power Systems Performance Team

Enabling FIPS Compliance in Openshift Cluster Platform on Power

A new PDEX blog is posted to help the technical experts configure their OpenShift Container Platform on Power and the necessary background to configure FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Encrypting etcd data on OpenShift Container Platform on Power

This article was originally posted to Medium by Gaurav Bankar and has been updated.

And now is posted with updated details for 4.14.

Using TLS Security Profiles on OpenShift Container Platform on IBM Power

This article identifies using cluster operators and components with TLS Security profiles, covers the available security profiles, and how to configure each profile, and verify each profile is properly enabled.

Encrypting disks on OpenShift Container Platform on Power Systems

This document outlines the concepts, how to setup an external tang cluster on IBM PowerVS, how to setup a cluster on IBM PowerVS and how to confirm the encrypted disk setup.

Configuring a PCI-DSS compliant OpenShift Container Platform cluster on IBM Power

This article outlines how to verify the profiles, check for the scan results, and configure a compliant cluster.

Open Source Container images for Power now available in IBM Container Registry

The OpenSource team has posted new images:

grafana-mimir-build-image2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
grafana-mimir-continuous-test2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
grafana-mimir2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
grafana-mimir-rules-action2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
grafana-mimirtool2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
grafana-query-tee2.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
filebrowserv2.24.2docker pull 24, 2023
neo4j5.9.0docker pull 24, 2023
kong3.3.0docker pull 24, 2023

Multi-arch build pipelines for Power: Automating multi-arch image builds

Multi-arch build pipelines can greatly reduce the complexity of supporting multiple operating systems and architectures. Notably, images built on the Power architecture can seamlessly be supported by other architectures, and vice versa, amplifying the versatility and impact of your applications. Furthermore, automating the processes using various CI tools, not only accelerates the creation of multi-arch images but also ensures consistency, reliability, and ease of integration into diverse software environments.

Building on our exploration of multi-arch pipelines for IBM Power in the first blog, this blog delves into the next frontier: Automation. Automating multi-arch image builds using Continuous Integration (CI) tools has become essential in modern software development. This process allows developers to efficiently create and maintain container images that can run on various CPU architectures, such as IBM Power (ppc64le), x86 (amd64), or ARM ensuring compatibility across diverse hardware environments.

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