Useful Notes for September and October 2023

Hi everyone, I’ve been heads down working on Multiarchitecture Compute and the Power platform for IBM.

How to add /etc/hosts file entries in OpenShift containers

You can add host aliases into the Pod Definition which is handy if the code is hard coded with a DNS entry.

      - ip: ""
        - "home"
     - ip: "10.1.x.x"
        - "remote-host"

Infrastructure Nodes in OpenShift 4

A link to Infra nodes which provide a specific role in the cluster.

Multiarchitecture Compute Research

Calling all IBM Power customers looking to impact Power modernization capabilities. The IBM Power Design Team is facilitating a study to understand customer sentiment toward Multi-Architecture Computing (MAC) and needs your help. 

This is an interesting opportunity to work with customers on IBM Power and OpenShift as they mix the architecture workloads to meet their needs.







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