Notes from the Week

A few things I learned this week are:

There is a cool session on IPI PowerVS for OpenShift called Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Installer-Provisioned Installation (IPI) for IBM Power Virtual Servers Webinar.

Did you know that you can run Red Hat OpenShift clusters on IBM Power servers? Maybe you do, but you don’t have Power hardware to try it out on, or you don’t have time to learn about OpenShift using the User-Provisioned method of installation. Let us introduce you to the Installer-Provisioned Installation method for OpenShift clusters, also called “an IPI install” on IBM Power Virtual Servers. IPI installs are much simpler than UPI installs, because, the installer itself has built-in logic that can provision each and every component your cluster needs.

Join us on 27 July at 10 AM ET for this 1-hour live webinar to learn why the benefits of the IPI installation method goes well beyond installation and into the cluster lifecycle. We’ll show you how to deploy OpenShift IPI on Power Virtual Server with a live demo. And finally, we’ll share some ways that you can try it yourself. Please share any questions by clicking on the Reply button. If you have not done so already, register to join here and get your calendar invite.

Of all the things, I finally stated using reverse-search in the shell. CTRL+R on the commandline. link or link

The IBM Power Systems team announced a Tech Preview of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on IBM Power

Continuing our journey to enable our clients’ automation needs, IBM is excited to announce the Technical Preview of Ansible Automation Platform running on IBM Power! Now, in addition to automating against IBM Power endpoints (e.g., AIX, IBM i, etc.), clients will be able to run Ansible Automation Platform components on IBM Power. In addition to IBM Power support for Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat is also providing support for Ansible running on IBM Z Systems. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of what this entails.

My team released a new version of the PowerVM Tang Server Automation to fix a routing problem:

The powervm-tang-server-automation project provides Terraform based automation code to help with the deployment of Network Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE) on IBM® Power Systems™ virtualization and cloud management.

The RH Ansible/IBM teams have released Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code I’m excited to try it out and expand my Ansible usage.

It’s great to see the Kernel Module Manager release 1.1 with Day-1 support through KMM

The Kernel Module Management Operator manages out of tree kernel modules in Kubernetes.






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