Weekly Notes

Here are my weekly learnings and notes:

Podman Desktop updates v1.0.1

Podman Desktop is an open source graphical tool enabling you to seamlessly work with containers and Kubernetes from your local environment.

In a cool update, the Podman Desktop team added support for OpenShift Local in v1.0.1 and Kind clusters are already there. We can do some advanced stuff. You may have to download extensions and upgrade Podman to v4.5.0.

❯ brew upgrade podman-desktop
🍺  podman-desktop was successfully upgraded!

Skupper… interesting

Skupper is a layer 7 service interconnect. It enables secure communication across Kubernetes clusters with no VPNs or special firewall rules.

There is a new layer-7 interconnect. There is a sample

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.13.0 is generally available

I’ve been working on the product for 4.13.0 – oc new-app and new-build support.

Podman Cheat Sheet

Podman Cheat Sheet covers all the basic commands for managing images, containers, and container resources. Super helpful for those stuck finding the right command to build/manage or run your container.

File Integrity Operator: Using File Integrity Operator to support file integrity checks on OpenShift Container Platform on Power

My colleague has published a blog on File Integrity Operator.

As part of this series, I have written a blog on PCI-DSS and the Compliance Operator to have a secure and compliant cluster. Part of the cluster’s security and compliance depends on the File Integrity Operator – an operator that uses intrusion detection rules to verify the integrity of files and directories on cluster’s nodes. 





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