Things I learned this week

Things that I’ve learned for the week:

  1. containerbuildsystem/atomic-reactor recently released v4.5.0 which is a simple python library for building docker images – supporting OSBS 2.0 components.
  2. Redbooks: IBM Cloud Pak for Data on IBM zSystems is a high-level overview of IBM zSystems with Cloud Pak for Data.
  3. Redbooks: Introduction to IBM PowerVM introduces PowerVM virtualization technologies on Power servers.
  4. operator-framework/operator-sdk v1.28.0 is released. On a Mac, use brew upgrade operator-sdk.
  5. LinkedIn: Treating IBM Power like cattle will help you modernize! is a new blog from an IBMer which highlights a mentality switch:

Changing how you view your solutions can free you to modernise, evolve, and detect the challenges that lie ahead from a far better vantage point.

  1. being redirected and may have some consequences on your environment.

On Monday, March 20th, traffic from the older registry will be redirected to with the eventual goal of sunsetting

  1. I was told about a very cool link to see all the various SIGs link







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