Things for the Week

This week I learned a few things of interest:

In close collaboration with Red Hat the IBM Power Ecosystem team has continued efforts to enable and advance products running on the Power platform. Click here to review the new releases in February:

IBM Power Developer Exchange

I found the list helpful when using the Power architecture and OpenShift.

Want to develop applications with Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces but don’t know where to start? This blog outlines the step-by-step process for installing OpenShift Dev Spaces on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on IBM Power: 

IBM Power Developer Exchange

I haven’t stayed current on all the cool things in OpenShift, I thought this one held the most promise for end-to-end devops.

I needed to figure out why my Worker’s networking was disconnected from the network:

oc get nodes
nmcli device
nmcli con reload env3

After the restart the networking worked. It told me there was something wrong with the local networking, so I checked the DNS Operator. I had to restart the operator and make some changes to a DNS server that was actually up.

If you hit some networking issues, the above will help.

You can solve the multi-architecture multi-image problem when automating and sharing images across IBM Power and x86 with container manifests. Learn how here: 

IBM Power Developer Exchange

If you need to build manifest images the above is very helpful.







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