Notes from the Week

A few updates this week are:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.14.0 for Power Systems

The Red Hat team released OpenShift Container Platform with new support for Power Systems.

The features I worked on with my team are:

The installer and client are available at link

Hack to List Interfaces

# ip -j -4 -o address  | jq -r '.[].addr_info[] | select(.dev == "env2").local'

systemd Commands Cheat Sheet

Users and administrators query and control systemd behavior through the systemctl command. This systemd Cheat Sheet presents the most common uses of systemctl, along with journalctl for displaying information about systemd activities from its logs.

The systemd cheat sheet is a good reference. Very comprehensive.

Posts on OCP 4.14

Paul Chapman updated the community on the new features in 4.14.






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