Lessons and Notes for the Week

Here are some lessons learned from the week (and shared with other):

TIP: How to create a Power Workspace from the CLI

This document outlines the steps necessary to create a PowerVS workspace.

1. Login to IBM Cloud

ibmcloud login --sso -r jp-osa -c 65b64c111111114bbfbd893c2c
  • -r jp-osa targets the region
  • -c 65b64c111111114bbfbd893c2c is the account that is being targetted.

2. Install the Plugins for PowerVS and VPC.

As a good practice install, the powervs and vpc plugins.

❯ ibmcloud plugin install power-iaas -f
❯ ibmcloud plugin install 'vpc-infrastructure' -f 

3. Create a Power Systems workspace

  1. The two elements you should configure below are the PVS_REGION and the WORKSPACE_NAME. The rest will create a new Workspace.
❯ ibmcloud resource service-instance-create \
    "${SERVICE_NAME}" \
    "${PVS_REGION}" \
Creating service instance rdr-mac-osa-n1 in resource group my-resource-group of account Power Account as pb@ibm.xyz...
Service instance rdr-mac-osa-n1 was created.
Name:             rdr-mac-osa-n1
ID:               crn:v1:bluemix:public:power-iaas:osa21:a/65b64c1f1c29460e8c2e4bbfbd893c2c:e3772ff7-48eb-4c81-9ee0-07cf0b5547a5::
GUID:             e3772ff7-48eb-4c81-9ee0-07cf0b5547a5
Location:         osa21
State:            provisioning
Type:             service_instance
Sub Type:         
Allow Cleanup:    false
Locked:           false
Created at:       2023-07-11T14:12:07Z
Updated at:       2023-07-11T14:12:10Z
Last Operation:             
                  Status    create in progress
                  Message   Started create instance operation

Thus you are able to create a PowerVS Workspace from the CLI.

Note: Flatcar Linux

Flatcar Container Linux A community Linux distribution designed for container workloads, with high security and low maintenance


I learned about flatcar linux this week… exciting stuff.

Demonstration: Tang Server Automation on PowerVM

I work on the OpenShift Container Platform on Power Team which created a few video to discuss The powervm-tang-server-automation project provides Terraform based automation code to help with the deployment of Network Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE) on IBM® Power Systems™ virtualization and cloud management. Thanks to Aditi Jadhav for presenting.

The Overview

The Demonstration


New Blog: Installing OpenShift on IBM Power Virtual Servers with IPI

My colleague Ashwin posted a new blog using IPI – This blog covers creating and destroying a “public” OpenShift cluster i.e., one which is accessible through the internet and the nodes of the cluster can access the internet. 







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