cluster-api: notes

Recently, I’ve begun researching and building code integrating and using the cluster-api and providers (CAPI).

To get acquainted with the cluster-api and related providers, I reviewed:

  1. Cluster API Intro and Deep Dive – Yuvaraj Balaji Rao Kakaraparthi & Vince Prignano, VMware
  2. Build Your Own Cluster API Provider the Easy Way – Anusha Hegde, VMware & Richard Case, Weaveworks
  3. SIG Cluster Lifecycle – Cluster API – Development/debugging with Tilt (EMEA/Americas) – 2022-02-28
  4. Setting Up a Development Environment for the Cluster API Kubemark Provider
  5. Cluster API Provider IBM Cloud

To visualize a CAPI Setup you can use cluster-api-visualizer

To ask questions of the developers, you can join the Kubernetes Slack, follow the instructions at link.

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