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  • Interesting Things of the Week for February 17, 2023

    Security Implementation with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems …As with any production system, it is important to ensure the security of an OpenShift deployment. This includes secure deployment and configuration of the OpenShift components, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure the continued security of the environment. This Redpaper publication provides…

  • How to use OpenScap Scanner on a Mac

    For those, not yet using openscap-scanner on their systems, OpenSCAP is an security auditing framework that utilizes the Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF) and the openscap-scanner executes over the security profile on a target system. One gotcha, I have a Mac, and the tool is not natively supported on the Mac. I decided to…

  • Downloading oc-compliance on ppc64le

    My team is working with the OpenShift Container Platforms Optional Operator – Compliance Operator. The Compliance Operator has a supporting tool `oc-compliance`. One tricky element was downloading the oc-compliance plugin and I’ve documented the steps here to help