We drove over 1000 miles in 24 hours

We did

We are in Wisconsin

We had Dinner at fuddruckers
Ben is buying new shoes, thank god ( I have never seen more worn shoes )
We checked the oil and transmission fluid, cleaned the windows, aired the van, and did an hour cool down.

We are ready for the next ten to waldrug

Ps I now have a driver’s sun burn left side only

Problems with the Conversion Van

Have you ever had to deal with a custom part / installation?

Wow it’s a pain.   My Dad, who works at Napa, and I have been looking for replacement parts with the 57x Upfitters kit.  It’s an extension and pressure relief valve for the conversion van.  You would think that OEM parts would be easy to find.


The Rusted Corroded Valves (All Four)
The Rusted Corroded Valves (All Four)

PS. I would like to get this working so we can travel through Death Valley