Month: August 2021

  • Demonstrating the FHIR Extended Operation Composition/$document

    Per the specification, a client can ask a server to generate a fully bundled document from a composition resource. I’ve pulled together a Postman to help demonstrate this feature on the IBM FHIR Server. Download the Postman 2. Update the SERVER_HOSTNAME 3. Update the Authorization for your username and password 4. Click Tests > Run […]

  • Recipe: Building a custom IBM FHIR Server container with Bulk Data Parquet Support

    The IBM FHIR Server has early support for Bulk Data export to the Apache Parquet format using the Apache Spark libraries. This document outlines using Parquet.

  • Recipe: Reindexing with fhir-bucket and the IBM FHIR Server

    The IBM FHIR Server enables user defined and implementation guide defined SearchParameter definitions and is constantly improving Specification conformance. Given these dynamic changes, the IBM FHIR Server Search parameter values may require refresh to optimize the Search and Retrieval of the data in the operational data store.

  • Recipe: Running the IBM FHIR Server behind a Reverse Proxy

    A common deployment pattern for the IBM FHIR Server is to run the Application Server behind a reverse proxy (e.g. OpenShift Route, Kubernetes Ingress, NGINX or API Gateway). By default, the IBM FHIR Server runs under the https://localhost:9443/fhir-server/api/v4 context root and URI. With a modest configuration change, one can change to a context root (baseUrl) or use the X-FHIR-FORWARDED-URL to forward the incoming url to the IBM FHIR Server (expected to be from a trusted reverse proxy).