Changing a Keystore and Key’s Password

Create a list of keystores cat << EOF > keystore-list.txttestTruststore.jkstestKeystore.jksEOF Iterate over the list to check status and process for KEYSTORE in `cat keystore-list.txt`do echo $KEYSTORE[ ! -f $KEYSTORE ] && echo NOT VAL=”`cat $KEYSTORE | wc -l`”[ ${VAL} -eq “1” ] && echo NOT_RIGHT# show the private key / trust key keytool -keystore $KEYSTORE […]

EAR Projects Generated for JavaEE Import

Importing my project into Eclipse, I found so many additional EAR projects were being generated. To stop this feature, I went to Eclipse > Preference > Maven > Java EE Integration and unchecked Enable Java EE Configuration. I removed the cached EAR projects (deleting from disk) and removed the regular projects, and imported again.  Voila…. […]