Harold Parker State Forest March 2012

I love this forest, it’s easily accessible in any weather (just be careful during hunting season). I did walk around a bit, and finally decided my boots had it. I turned around walked through mud, water, snow and ice to get back to the car.

Net of it all, 7 photos to describe the day.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Halibut Point 2011

Halibut Point 2011 – a set on SmugMug.

I determined once exams were over I was going to get out and exercise. I picked Halibut Point in Rockport.

To quote the website,

Halibut Point is a uniquely beautiful coastal seascape. Looking seaward on a clear day, the view stretches from Crane Beach in Ipswich to Mount Agamenticus in Maine and the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.

Formerly the Babson Farm granite quarry, the park is managed for scenic, historic and conservation purposes by the DCR and theTrustees of Reservations. An adjacent property, Sea Rocks, is owned by the Town of Rockport and open for public use. Here you can explore the park’s trails and tidepools, picnic on its rocky ledges, enjoy its sweeping views, and learn about Cape Ann’s historic granite industry.


A beautiful place with a stiff breeze from the north east, and a nice day for a walk started my trek.   As I walked, I admired the modern parking, paths and pay-for-registration.  The Department of Conservation and Recreation makes it easy to come here and visit at any time.

I come to the fork in the path, this one had three different ways to go, left to the visitor center, right to the ocean, and straight – into the void.  I choose straight.  I stood at the edge and decided it was time to listen to something as I starred into the Quarry.

I brought up Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as covered by Billy Bragg.  I started climbing up, over, down around – snap, snap, click, jump, snap snap, click, launch up.  The snaps were of my faithful camera capturing the surroundings.

I ran into another break, choosing to go to the outlook.  The wind and the cold tore through the clothing I was wearing, so I decided to head back to the car.  I highly recommend the trek.


And then there were two

The day snuck up on me in Tonapah. At 9:15 I had a “gentle” knock from maddog, reminding me we needed to jet and hew was going to drive. I jumped into action, a shower, no shave and checkout ( perfection ).

We piled into the van around 9:40 am, and picked one or two areas to go for lunch. At eleven we reached our first place, covered in flies, and a hundred in the shade. We took a pass, and headed for a state park on 160 outside Las Vegas.

We mysteriously passed the the park, it showed on the right, and we cruised by it on the left. Damn.

We continued to drive down the road looking for a turn about, and found a cut out road, and turn about. I asked maddog if we wanted to run down the road, he thought yes, and abercrombie agreed. We drove down the road and found plenty of no trespassing signs.

Ugh, a hundred, no shade, and then we see the turn about, in shade a lone tree, we park the van in the shade, put up the sun visors, and begin a meal.

We pull out the 6 ft table, and begin preparing a meal of ribeye, mushrooms, artichoke, tomato, and mozzarella. We are gourmet! Also note we were at 6000 ft, the water for the artichoke had a rough time, and did not properly cook after 30 minutes.

We ate the meal, sat in our chairs and chilled.

More than just satisfied with the meal, we broke out the RC cars and camera, and began decompression. We raced around trying to abide by the 25 mph speed limit, the rules of the road, and the NASCAR motto if you ain’t rubbing, you ain’t racing ( optional bubba spit here).

With the decompression complete, we felt a little goofy and began playing it up for the camera. A pose here, and group photo here, and some meat Popsicle flexing.

As time quickly flew by, we realized we needed to arrange the van, and head into Las Vegas.

Packed and Ready, i drove us to Hooters Casino. ( for wings ) we grabbed a late bite to eat, and a few drinks while we played poker and slots.

A bit sick of loosing money at the Owl, we headed to the Tropicanna, and walked through the MGM Grand, and back. I have to say it was a bit sleazy at the MGM, hookers and pimps were working the floor, not exactly a nice fixture to see.

We headed back to the van, and headed to the Airport. We said goodbye to Abercrombie, and headed to the Hoover Dam.

We passed over the dam at 11 at night, and tried taking a few photos. It was beautiful, but too low a light to appreciate it as a computer image.

Maddog slept and I drove through Arizona, and woke him up to drive through New Mexico.

And here we are cruising to Tucamcari….

The Honk Revisited

After arriving at the Kennedy School, and witnessing Ben riding the pine again. We grabbed a few drinks I the boiler room, detention room, chemistry room, and another. Wow, it was fun.

The Kennedy School is just perfect for drinks and a couple games of pool. We played Maddog vs Pablo, with Maddog winning, Maddog vs Abercrombie, with Maddog winning.

In a huff, we left to visit family. I drove. Sitting at a light… What do I hear, a honk! I jump into mass-a hole- mode. I look back and two gorgeous women are laughing, and we all laugh into the night!

Twenty Chopsticks

After arriving at Matt and Erinas we all decided to hit up Seattle’s Middle eastern food. I got a gyro, Maddog had a gyro and lamb meal, and Abercrombie ordered a chicken parm. That’s right he ordered his favorite, Italian, at a middle eastern restaurant. It made us chuckle.

For dinner, we went to a sushi bar, which was amazing! We ordered salmon, eel, red tuna, smoked eel, turbot, scallops, and ten others. Each had amazing flavor, texture and beauty; the chefs were clear masters.

During the meal, Maddog notices the chopsticks are for sale. Preparing to buy one set for a steep price, Maddog chooses to spend 20 dollars. The waiter arrives and tells us they are 2 dollars a pair. Maddog one ups expectations and asks how many sets do you have? The waiter responds with enough. Maddog buys the 20 sticks, and we head out.

Abercrombie, aka Ken, and I believe Maddog wanted drumsticks for the trip. He’ll probably play Phil Collin’s song in the Hangover, and use the chopsticks as a prop.

More info on the sushi bar at SushiWhore.com . I kid you not!

Afterwords, we met up with Margot, Ben’s cousin, and had drinks at a bar which reminded me of an old steel town bar, kind of retro 70s without being retro. Pinball, pool, shuffle board and more….