Non-Standard Hostnames in the QuickStart

Do you need a new hostname?  Such as Open a new Terminal Session SSH type whoami and make sure you see root…. otherwise type sudo -s If hostname –long  doesn’t show the DNS name you want, type hostname ${HOSTNAME_NEW} The name is then changed for the time of the session.

Preconfigured Development Environment – How to provision instance IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business 3.0

(Repost from How many times have you setup IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and IBM Domino to replicate a complete customer environment?  100 times, 10 times, 1 time? How many times have you done it to develop code? 100 times? 10 times? 1 time? Well, the IBM Social Business Toolkit and Application Development team has […]

How to Create a Collaboration Quickstart Instance 3.0

I wrote this article / presentation based on demand from customers and IBMers on how to create an instance of their own. Creating an IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business 3.0 Instance from paulbastide