IBM Integration Broker with ODBC and ESQL

To setup ODBC bridge from IBM Integration Broker to DB2, download and install the ODBC bridge from the IBM Data Server Runtime Clients.  It’s a 1.3 G download, and you only need about a 40M file for your system. The installation is straight foward.  Be prepared to click Next, and Finish. Setup the ODBC bridge […]

IBM Integration Broker – Setting up DB2 JDBC Access

I have been working IBM Integration Broker I found it hard to find concise documentation (read as fast) on setting up/creating a new provider mqsicreateconfigurableservice TESTNODE_cheetah -c JDBCProviders -o DB2Two -n connectionUrlFormat -v “jdbc:db2://[serverName]:[portNumber]/[databaseName]:user=[user];password=[password];” mqsisetdbparms TESTNODE_cheetah -n jdbc::employeeIdentity -u db2admin -p passw0rd1940! mqsichangeproperties TESTNODE_cheetah -c JDBCProviders -o DB2Two -n securityIdentity -v employeeIdentity mqsichangeproperties TESTNODE_cheetah […]