A Few OAuth Notes

While I was working with a fellow developer building an integration for IBM Connections on premises, I found out about a couple of key items with the OAuth Provider. 1 – You can see a JSON Array of the Current User Tokens, when logged in as that user. Navigate to https://sbdev.server:444/oauth2/authzMgmt/connectionsProvider Login to IBM Connections Look […]

IBM SmartCloud Connections using Ruby

Recently, I was asked by a partner integrating with IBM SmartCloud for Social Business‘ IBM Connections Files service how to do so in Ruby.   I thought this brief demonstration code would help Ruby developers build a compelling integration. Note, I have already gone through the OAuth Dance and generated an OAuth Bearer Token. I have […]

Getting Started With Activity Streams and OAuth

Activity Streams is a way to generate a social record of what happened and what’s happening around a person or group of persons (community). The social record is super powerful when combined with business applications that provide updates on behalf of users. IBM paired these activity streams with OpenSocial so that a well formatted context […]

IBM Connections 5.0 available….

IBM Connections 5.0 is now generally available.  You can search for the package IBM Connections 5.0 Multiplatform or part code CRS4IML .   IBM Connections 5.0 is a major release and builds and extends the IBM’s social software platform.  There are some very cool new features which interest developers: External users participate fully in an IBM […]

Creating a New Wiki Page as a Child

A partner asked how he could create a new wiki page with a specific parent.  API Details URL: https://{hostname}:{port}/wikis/basic/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/feed Method: POST Content-Type: application/atom+xml You may have to add the X-Update-Nonce header.   You have to update the XML with the parentUuid – eg bd586bb6-d9b2-4527-b9a0-0f9b0d3c1e3f When you complete the post, you’ll have a new page with a […]