Historical is Hysterical

With the weather, a crisp 82 degrees, I am sitting in my living room, avoiding the cool air. Anything is cool after the Badlands of South Dakota.

I am watching Austin Steven and his search for the Komodo Dragons, and I begin to think about my search for an answer. Why the heck are all these Historical Markers and why doesn’t it say Historic Marker.

My quest began with dictionary.com, I quickly validated that Historical was properly used, but I still maintain they could have saved money by just saying historic. I can see the rest of the Tour members, maddog and abercrombie rolling their eyes, and laughing at me looking it up.

Well, Fellas I hit the jackpot. I did some additional searching and learned about Historical Markers. You can find some interesting and cool places if you read http://www.hmdb.org/ The database is really cool.

Next time, I’ll use it.

Also check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_marker