Mango Ginger Chews… Really? Really Good

I wanted to not like them.  Them, of course, is the Mango Ginger Chews from Gem Gem.  The ginger chews are pleasant with a hint of tropical flavor.  I found them to be exceptionally good. As the Gem Gem team states, “At Gem Gem‛s, we think mango and ginger make the perfect blend. We’ve struck […]

Yummies Australian Candied Ginger

There is a place, a place where the heart goes, and goes fondly – Yummies. I can’t recall the first time I went to Yummies, but I have been enough times to know the store very well.  Yummies contains wall-to-wall candies, tons and probably metric tons of candies.   You can get the same experience through […]

Kind – Cashew and Ginger

A few years ago, I ran across Kind bars.  The Kind bars are a combination of trail mix and binder combination.  I occasionally purchase new combinations that should good. If they peak my interest, I try it out. Yesterday, I was walking down the aisle in our local store, and I found the Kind Bar […]

The Ginger People – Crystallized Fiji Ginger

Part of my trip in Richmond found me in the oft mentioned Chocolate Store and Carytown.  I found the Fiji Ginger snack (or to be 100% transparent – my better half found it). The crystallized ginger is SUPERB, it actually might be the best I have ever had.  The exterior is firm, the interior light […]

Experiment #1 – Can it be that easy?

Like so many hobbyists, I have taken my hobby/passion from consumption to production.  I did my research, I found many recipes and a wide range of time needed to create an amazing drink.  I decided to select the simplest. Simple is good.  I picked the following approach – Simple Syrup, Ginger and Canadian Seltzer Water.  […]

L.A. Burdick – Chocolate Dipped Fruit – Ginger

Maybe my fan-dom of Ginger has made it around the world and back?   And others are just making these ginger treats for my benefit.  I realize the reality that there are others that share the same passion. LA Burdick, a small chain of shops, located in New England and New York City. One store, […]

Simpson Spring – Ginger Ale

Saturday found me again at the Natick Farmer’s Market. The Market has moved inside and is shockingly well attended even with the venue changed from the common. It’s moved across the way to the Common Street Community Church. One vendor is particularly good – Simpson Spring Beverages. Simpson Spring is “the oldest independent bottling plant […]

Head to Head – Fever vs Trader Joes

I enjoy ginger – ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger brew. I tend to accumulate random bottles and things to try.  My secret backlog had Trader Joes Triple Ginger Brew and Fever Tree Ginger Ale. Does anyone else think “head-to-head taste-off”?  I certainly didn’t… who wants to mix awesome flavors.  I want to drink every incredible […]