Yummies Australian Candied Ginger

There is a place, a place where the heart goes, and goes fondly – Yummies. I can’t recall the first time I went to Yummies, but I have been enough times to know the store very well.  Yummies contains wall-to-wall candies, tons and probably metric tons of candies.   You can get the same experience through a visit to the Kittery Maine location (one and only).

I did my standard shopping to find my favorites – Pez, Sweedish Fish, Mints and Candied Ginger. Yummies has two flavors of Candied Ginger, I picked the Australian Candied Ginger.

The ginger is firm to the bite, soft to the chew, and has great flavor.  I highly recommend it

Australian GInger Beer
Australian Ginger Beer

Australian Ginger Beer
Australian Ginger Beer


Yum Earth Organics – Organic Candy Drops – Ginger Zest

I do enjoy going into Whole Foods.  The walk through the store is an experience akin to being Indiana Jones finding hidden jewels.  Finding these hidden jewels is less dangerous, taste better and leave me wanting more. (It’s the snakes and lack of flavor that don’t help the hidden jewels of Dr Jones).

On my walk in Whole Foods, I found a new Ginger Candy, the Ginger Zest from Yum Earth. Yum Earth has an interesting story about two fathers wanting to provide healthy and safe treats to their kids.   I picked up one and put it my shopping basket, it was a treat for later.

After purchasing and taking it home, the candies sat on my kitchen counter for a week.  I have just opened them, and can tell you they are proper sweet (not too much, not too little) and come with a small fire.  The Ginger has a ground spice flavor with a little fire.  I wouldn’t say the candies are the best; I wouldn’t say the worst.  They are just good, and for the price they might are the right price.

Ginger Zest
Ginger Zest

Ginger Zest Candy
Ginger Zest Candy

Q’s Key Lime Ginger Almonds

For those familiar with Farmers Markets, there are some real hidden gems. Some of these hidden gems include Ginger, yum.

Saturday found me at the Natick Farmer’s Market. The Market is well attended by vendors and individuals even in November.   I cannot deny it, the attendance surprised me – farms, soda vendors, local meat providers, and gourmet food vendors.

There are two that really interested me – Simpson Spring Soda and Q’s Nuts.  I’ll save Simpson Spring Soda for another day, after all I am a Ginger Fanatic.

I found a tent for Q’s Nuts… if you haven’t heard about them, you have missed out on a killer episode from Phantom Gourmet.  I embedded it here so you can appreciate the coolness of Q’s Nuts.

I saw a few flavors that interested me – Chocolate Cardamon, Rosemary Sea Salt, and Key Lime Ginger Almonds. I know you are thinking … only three? well I was interested in all of them, I just happen to purchase 3 for $10 at the market.

I got home, and stared at the bag.  “Do I want to open it?”

Of course.   I popped open the bag, and ate the one… then another…. then another… The candied coating was hard, not too hard, and flavorful.  The lime ginger combination with almonds tasted great.  As a spiced nut with ginger, I give them a 10 out of 10.

Q's Nuts - Key Lime Ginger Almonds
Q’s Nuts – Key Lime Ginger Almonds

I’m going to have to make a special trip to their Davis Square haunts to see the operation.