Itinerary 2011

We went to:

Omaha for Steaks – The store and Gorats

Fargo for Breakfast

Badlands for 3 days

Covered Wagon Ranch for 3 days


Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Estes Park Colorado

Fort Knox


Itinerary 2010

So our master plan, while it includes taking over the world…. wait that’s another master plan.

Boston MA

Waldrug, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

Seattle, Washington

Crater Lake, Oregon

Redwoods, California

Davis, California

Death Valley National Park (recall no A/C)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hoover Dam

Four Corners National Monument

Dallas, Texas

Fort Sill, Oklahoma (Special to Pablo)

Fort Knox

Washington DC



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  1. Hey, I’m surprised you left Miami out of your trip. Got something against the tropics?

  2. I hope your first picture from SD that you post is of you guys with the 80 ft wall drug dinosaur! It would be fitting for your “animals” theme, no? 🙂 I can’t believe that your trip begins this evening!!!!!! Can I upload a photo here? I’m going to email you the pic….

  3. OK.. It’s now Friday, August 20th and I’m wondering if you are. I hope you guys have left… Post up a status so we can track your progress.

    Be safe!

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