Handy Commands

Contaminated Files (.DS_Store) in GIT Folder even with .gitignore settings

When you you find files (.DS_Store) files continually in your git repo, you can use this command to delete the files.

find git/repo -name .DS_Store -delete

Confirm there are no .DS_Store files left

find . | grep -c .DS_Store

StackOverflow:How to stop creating .DS_Store on Mac?

InboundBasicMessaging and Disable Features

I kept receiving “InboundBasicMessaging” disconnected on my WebSphere Liberty Instance SIBException and disconnections (I am using the j2ee-7 feature).

I added this snippet to disable

Git Repository Statistics Script

I needed to count the lines and authorship in a repository.

Based on the excellent post here –

 Repository 1
 243 , Paul B
 5 , prb112
 Repository 2
 2 , Paul B

Vim Search forward and backward

/pattern    #search forward
?pattern    #search backward 

Diff Ignoring Whitespace (for use when people format the whole file instead of changing oneline)

diff --ignore-space-change original-file.sql replaced-file.sql
< DVC.NM, ?)
> VC.)

Count over range with HBase

hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.RowCounter tableNameIsTHis --starttime=1528221151425 --endtime=1528492297952

Restart Cloudant

Cloudant LoadBalancers need needs a restart:

sv reload haproxy
sv stop haproxy
sv start haproxy

If you need to manage the backened services, then you should type/use cast