Halibut Point 2011

Halibut Point 2011 – a set on SmugMug.

I determined once exams were over I was going to get out and exercise. I picked Halibut Point in Rockport.

To quote the website,

Halibut Point is a uniquely beautiful coastal seascape. Looking seaward on a clear day, the view stretches from Crane Beach in Ipswich to Mount Agamenticus in Maine and the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.

Formerly the Babson Farm granite quarry, the park is managed for scenic, historic and conservation purposes by the DCR and theTrustees of Reservations. An adjacent property, Sea Rocks, is owned by the Town of Rockport and open for public use. Here you can explore the park’s trails and tidepools, picnic on its rocky ledges, enjoy its sweeping views, and learn about Cape Ann’s historic granite industry.


A beautiful place with a stiff breeze from the north east, and a nice day for a walk started my trek.   As I walked, I admired the modern parking, paths and pay-for-registration.  The Department of Conservation and Recreation makes it easy to come here and visit at any time.

I come to the fork in the path, this one had three different ways to go, left to the visitor center, right to the ocean, and straight – into the void.  I choose straight.  I stood at the edge and decided it was time to listen to something as I starred into the Quarry.

I brought up Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as covered by Billy Bragg.  I started climbing up, over, down around – snap, snap, click, jump, snap snap, click, launch up.  The snaps were of my faithful camera capturing the surroundings.

I ran into another break, choosing to go to the outlook.  The wind and the cold tore through the clothing I was wearing, so I decided to head back to the car.  I highly recommend the trek.


Wake. Walk. Wonder.

I’ve had a burning desire (not sensation, it’s not a gold bond commercial) to visit Plum Island at Day Break. In July, I said – Yes. I am going to do this, go at daybreak and watch the sun rise in the East.  The alarm rang. I woke. I shut off the alarm I went back to bed.

Yesterday, the desire returned.  I set the alarm clock.  The alarm rang. I woke. I shut off the alarm, and moved to the couch.  I shook myself awake, and grabbed my gear. I walked out and drove to Plum Island.  One should know it is easier to wake for daybreak when it is at 7:23  in the morning! Not 5:23.

I drove through the Iron Box attendant; I paid a little extra with the fee and went about my business.  I drove the steady 25 mph until I reached the Hellcat Swamp.  I walked up to the top of the boardwalk and the dune.  The view was spectacular, as well as the cold and wind.

I spent the next few hours walking around capturing views of the dunes, ocean, Cranes Beach, Sandy Point Reservation, Birds and the amazing flora and fauna.

I ended my photography after more than 400 snaps. I played with the Sun and the Depth of Field. I so enjoyed every minute of the walk(s).



Photos from Walk

Turkey Day in October 2011

Coming from a trip to Blood Farm in Groton Ma, a true butchery/whole sale meat market in all senses of the definition, I ran into these delights.  I could not resist but capture them on camera before I dropped some meat off at my parent’s house.

I get ahead of myself.  I woke up.  I felt the determination coursing through my veins; determination to deliver on a gift eleven months in the making.  I grab my GPS and my camera, and jump into the car, destination Blood Farm.

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I head out to Groton with the sports talk radio which makes the miles pass easily.  I arrive at the non-descript entrance to Blood Farm.

I roll up to the office/meat locker.  I sort through and find great selections. I pack mark arms full of bacon, bacon ends, goat, veal, veal bones, osso bucco veal and sweet lamb sausage.  I walk over and the nice woman manning the “counter”, she says I’ll just help these people and be right with you.  When I say counter, it’s a table that has been repaired, welded, and holds a scale and a list of prices.

She takes the order, and weighs the meat, captures the prices, and puts it in the bag.  We walk back to the office, where I pay for the meat.  I pay and leave. The price was about half of the price it would be at Butcher Boy, Shaws, or other places.  The prices were phenomenal (I don’t yet know about the flavor).

I drive over to my parents house, where I drop off the meats I had promised for eleven months or so.  I walk into the house and immediately l suffer the SSsssssssssssssh!  We have turkeys in the yard.  Then I hear oh no, now they are taking over the garden.

These turkeys invaded my parents yard so I ran around wild taking photos and getting them to leave the yard. I recommend doing this once only.

I am sure these guys are going to be back.  The other photo is of a nuthatch at the feeder.

Now to buckle down for the weather!