Experiment #1 – Can it be that easy?

Like so many hobbyists, I have taken my hobby/passion from consumption to production.  I did my research, I found many recipes and a wide range of time needed to create an amazing drink.  I decided to select the simplest.

Simple is good.  I picked the following approach – Simple Syrup, Ginger and Canadian Seltzer Water.  I purchased the ingredients, and cheated a bit with one of them.  Gourmet Garden has a prepared diced/ground Fresh Ginger, and the ginger has a consistency between liquid and paste. The ginger was peeled and prepared – how easy could it be.

Gourmet Garden - Ginger
Gourmet Garden – Ginger

To start, I measured one cup of water and one cup of sugar into a sauce pan (equal parts of a simple syrup which I found on AllRecipes).  Into the sauce pan squeezed out all the Ginger in the tube.  I turned the heat to medium, and prepared to wait for it to boil and dissolve the sugar.  I also realized I need to dissolve the sugar, and whisked the sugar and ginger in the syrup regularly.

Whisk and Boil
Whisk and Boil

Looks interesting …. Don’t loose track of it like I did.   It boiled over in 15 minutes, and created a small mess.   I cleaned that up quickly.

I poured the mix into the a bowl to cool, and I waited until today to sample. I poured an ounce of the mix into a large glass, and poured in a seltzer water to top it off.


The Ginger Beer was delicious, yet slightly harsh, it needed to be cooked a bit more to limit the harshness of raw ginger .   I was so close.  I am excited to do experiment #2.

Ginger Glazed Pork Chops

Grumble.  Groan. My stomach demands Food.

I temporarily ignore my stomach, and convene with my cookbook.  Pork Chops with an Asian flair looks interesting – ginger.  I have my culinary inspiration.  It also helps that the recipe is simple, and it happens to be right up my alley.  I enter the ingredients I need into my reminder list.

Size/Quantity/Amount Ingredient
2 Thin Cut Pork Chops
Pinches Pepper/Salt
Bulbs/Root Ginger
1 Clove Shallot
2 Tablespoons Sherry
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

I walk into my local grocer, a nice Roche Brother’s around the corner.  I do my mind bending waltz around the store to finish my reminder list.  I fill my basket – 11 items, when only 10 ensures your survival in the express lane.   Given my fortune, I also find the longest non-express line.


Cleanup the Pork.

Pepper and Salt Liberally

Take out a Pan with a Lid (Put on the Stove and leave cold)

Pour in some olive oil

Put the Chops in the Pan and Turn it to Medium High

When it starts to sizzle, put in the julianed ginger and shallot

Brown the Pork Chop and julianed ginger and shallot

Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and cook some more

Pour in the Sherry Wine

Finish cooking and thicken up the “sauce”

Check the Pork is Cooked with a 140 degree reading.

Once ready, serve and enjoy