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Random EAR Projects

I had a similar experience and ran across .

m2e-wtp can also be disabled via the m2e.wtp.activation>false in the Maven section of your project pom;xml.

I create a new workspace and cloned a fresh copy of my code in a temp directory. I then updated the parent pom.xml with the following:


I then imported Existing Maven Projects and no extra EAR projects.

The  JAX-RS, JPA and JSF configurators can be enabled or disabled at a workspace level from Window > Preferences > Maven > Java EE Integration.


Using Maven to Port Multiple version of the same code

As you can tell, I am a maven power user.  I use it for most of my projects (sometimes we run into pure Eclipse, Gradle and Ant). 

I started work on porting one version of the exact version of one model to a new version of the same model (same classes). I need to use both JARs in the same classpath.  This leads to a problem – how to use both at the same time.  

I like to use the maven-shade-plugin and relocate the class files such that package.class-file is relocated to package.old.class-file.  Generally this works well (except where you use reflexsive pathing in Class.forName to look up a class). I was able to prepend a string before shading the class.

The pom.xml I used is much like the attached project.  I hope this helps you all.