Craigie On Main

Easter. A time of family reflection and food. Easter is yummy for the mind and the soul.

This year we did something different. A lovely day with a light breeze we flow gently into the fair metroplis of Cambridge. We drive, of course we drive past and around, until we find 853 Main St, also known as Cragie on Main.

We’re early, and wait with the other gastronomic gurus… We clearly are in the know. We know the food, experience and Easter is going to be insane.

The door opens, a tall gangly women hokds the door for us and we enter to the sounds of jazz, and with barely any prompting the open table with our name.

We sit, lean back and order our drinks. Orange juice, memosa, cocktails and coffee…. Aaaaaaaah.. How devine… How relaxing….

We look over the menu; there was an unspoken rule we must order all the gastronomic delights on the special menu for Easter, and must not order the same.

I see biscuits and gravy, rabbit sausage, benedict, and a few others. We order the main course, and the dessert in our prix fix meal.

The yogurt and parfait arrives with pastries. One bite of cinnamon roll, a crumble of spice bread, a fresh donut with cinnamon and i spoon through the deliciousness….

Relaxed and satiated, we make chit-chat about the food and await our mains. Almost as if on cue the waiters and waiteresses arrive and place our mains on the table; we quickly swapped as we got each others meal. Our sides arrived minutes after, it was potato galette and pork belly.

I am always suspect of fat, specifically fried fat. … My father and mother grab one piece and rave about the pork. I politely take a corner of a piece. Slowly i place it in my mouth, the pork belly melts and i chew the pork. Wow. I grab the rest of my piece ( from non believer to believer ) it was much like marrow.

Yum, i continue to taste, chew, taste and chew through the depths of flavors at the table. Rabbit, pork, potato, sausage, endive, biscuit… Oh my…

I am at this point happy and nearly full. The waiters and waitresses sweep in and clear the table. I sense dessert on the way.

Minutes later we swap pana cotta, profiterroles, and an apricot tart. I love how my family shares food. We never go hungry, and always enjoy the food.

Top five things i had…
Rabbit sausage
Cinnamon role
The apricot tarte….

Wow…. Apricots…. Man i do not like them, this dessert changed my attitude.

The meal and service was amazing.

If you are interested, go to

Skiing and Friends

The day began with a rude awakening. I was the victim of a butt dial.

Ring… Ring… Ring….

I glance at the wall and see the time. It is 4:40 in the morning.

In spite of the early hour, nothing can dampen my spirits. I take a quick rest of the eyes and time flies by, jump up 10 minutes ahead of the alarm, throw on my first two layers, and awake my compatriot.

We grab our ski equipment and head down to the car. A simple turn of the key, and the trip is underway faster than mights go up and tights go down.

I reset the odometer, and make the run for the border. I reach the comfortable cruising speed of 70, for which I am lucky, there were a lot of police.

We pass the NH border, stop at a local health food store, ok so it was dunkin donuts, and pass the 2 hrs plus talking sports and poltics.

We get to Attitash around 9, switch into our gear and realize that we need neck earners, and visit the ski shop. With our individually augmented wardrobes we detour tickets Nd hit the slopes.

We take the triple, the quad, the doubles, and we encounter few lines.

A quick eight runs and we take a break at Bear Peak. LUNCH 🙂

We head back out and the cold wind is brutal. We head back to the main lodge and switch out our gear.

We hit another couple runs, and I run into a boot issue, with one run off to fix my boot, I am back skiing with Matt.

We hit a total of eight runs in the afternoon, and head home.

Skiing rocks!