Kusmi Tea – Ginger Lemon Green Tea

I was recently in New York City, and happened upon Dean and Delucas.  Dean and Delucas is a nice gourmet food store, also know as a hoity toity food store.  This hoity toity food store has sandwiches, store made breads, rare cheeses, candies and much more.

I always have my eye out for ginger – raw, candied or infused.  Dean and Deluca has a nice section of teas, and more importantly ginger infused teas.  One of the teas, Kusmi Tea Ginger Lemon Green Tea, caught my eye. I purchased it and brought it home.

Kusmi Tea Box - Ginger Lemon Green Tea
Kusmi Tea Box – Ginger Lemon Green Tea

I opened the box of tea, and found an interesting cotton based tea bag; the style of tea bag lends to a clean flavor. I brewed a cup (actually on my third cup) and found the Kusmi description to be very accurate “..ginger notes give this blend a delicately spicy flavour that blends beautifully with the tanginess of lemon.

Cotton Tea Bag
Cotton Tea Bag
I highly recommend the tea.  Enjoy a cup.


I decided to do it. Yes do it.

It is… Dedicating a Blog to Ginger.  I have such a hard time finding my favorite spice / drink and food when I want.   What’s the best Ginger Beer? What are the cool recipes with Ginger?  What are the best Ginger candies?  What are the most interesting medicinal cures? What are the most interesting places to travel and have ginger?

Ginger (Ginger Root) is a spice found in the South East Asia and African nations.  Per Wikipedia, 1.6 million tons were produced in 2008.  1.6 million tones of the beautiful flowering plant and spice were harvested, transported to market, sold, and consumed.  I plan on consuming as much of that as possible. It’s delicious and spicy.

Stay Tuned for more posts, experiences and updates.
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