Mango Ginger Chews… Really? Really Good

I wanted to not like them.  Them, of course, is the Mango Ginger Chews from Gem Gem.  The ginger chews are pleasant with a hint of tropical flavor.  I found them to be exceptionally good. As the Gem Gem team states, “At Gem Gem‛s, we think mango and ginger make the perfect blend. We’ve struck […]

Yummies Australian Candied Ginger

There is a place, a place where the heart goes, and goes fondly – Yummies. I can’t recall the first time I went to Yummies, but I have been enough times to know the store very well.  Yummies contains wall-to-wall candies, tons and probably metric tons of candies.   You can get the same experience through […]

Yum Earth Organics – Organic Candy Drops – Ginger Zest

I do enjoy going into Whole Foods.  The walk through the store is an experience akin to being Indiana Jones finding hidden jewels.  Finding these hidden jewels is less dangerous, taste better and leave me wanting more. (It’s the snakes and lack of flavor that don’t help the hidden jewels of Dr Jones). On my […]