Vena’s Fizz House

Saturday found me in Portland, Maine walking around the shops and eating the wonderful food found in the Downtown/Waterfront.  One place was of particular interest Vena’s Fizz House.  A place where the soda junkies can find all the great ingredients to build their Ginger Tinis, Ginger Beers, Ginger Julips or find some inspiration from Vena’s […]

Kind – Cashew and Ginger

A few years ago, I ran across Kind bars.  The Kind bars are a combination of trail mix and binder combination.  I occasionally purchase new combinations that should good. If they peak my interest, I try it out. Yesterday, I was walking down the aisle in our local store, and I found the Kind Bar […]

Richmond and the Visit to Rocket Fizz

Fortunes found me in Richmond Virginia (second time in three years), this time I was running the Monument 10K.  I more or less jogged the distance, and proceeded to enjoy Carytown to recuperate of course. My recuperation was a three phase approach – sweet treats, chocolate and ginger.  My walk up and down the scenic […]

Bundaberg… Interesting Experience… Not for Everyone

Bundaberg, the brewery not the City in Queensland Australia, has been a crown jewel in the eyes of many Ginger Beer lovers.  I’ve read reviews.  I’ve seen the ratings.  I’ve heard the rumors.  Thank goodness for I acquired it for my evaluation. Since the 1960s, Bundaberg Ginger Beer is created using Queensland, Australia sourced […]

Experiment #1 – Can it be that easy?

Like so many hobbyists, I have taken my hobby/passion from consumption to production.  I did my research, I found many recipes and a wide range of time needed to create an amazing drink.  I decided to select the simplest. Simple is good.  I picked the following approach – Simple Syrup, Ginger and Canadian Seltzer Water.  […]