First steps on the Tour Begin Locally

Over the last few months, I have found a new appreciation for my surroundings. As I look through the lens the distant becomes close, the far becomes near, and the small becomes large.

I ventured into the Topsfield Rails to Trails project. The project is amazing. The old rail bed is converted to a recreation path which I walked down Nd ended up in the Wenham swamp and Canal. I used my camera to capture the walk, and learned to hone my skills with an SLR.

It was only the first step.

This weekend I went to Bradley Palmer where I walked through the trails. The focus of the walk was the natural beauty and wildlife. Two hours later and a hundred plus photos, I had 10 photos I was proud of.

A perfect two hours hiking, and revisiting nature and capturing the beauty…..

Now I cannot wait for 2011, and the adventures we’ll find.

On the docket, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and I80, we’ll figure out the rest as we drive.

Historical is Hysterical

With the weather, a crisp 82 degrees, I am sitting in my living room, avoiding the cool air. Anything is cool after the Badlands of South Dakota.

I am watching Austin Steven and his search for the Komodo Dragons, and I begin to think about my search for an answer. Why the heck are all these Historical Markers and why doesn’t it say Historic Marker.

My quest began with, I quickly validated that Historical was properly used, but I still maintain they could have saved money by just saying historic. I can see the rest of the Tour members, maddog and abercrombie rolling their eyes, and laughing at me looking it up.

Well, Fellas I hit the jackpot. I did some additional searching and learned about Historical Markers. You can find some interesting and cool places if you read The database is really cool.

Next time, I’ll use it.

Also check out