Rides, Ridiculous Food and Raucous fun

When I travel I like to consider I vacation with a gourmet equation. Gourmet foods. Fantastic sites sounds. Great friends. All combined to equal exceptional experiences ­čÖé

I am in awe. We have one upped the equation. New experiences. New friends.

We arrived at the dude ranch at about 4 in the afternoon. We pop out of the vehicle. Say hi. Meet the managers. Grab a drink. And chat.

Maddog grabs the the keys and asks for a spotter as he backs up the van. I know he’s got this, but I do my duty. You’ve got 6 feet. You’ve got 3 feet. You’ve got 1 foot. 6 inches, ok stop. The Maddog guns it 5 inches in reverse. Perfect.

We talk with matt marnie and Erina. The wonders of the horseback riding, the legends of the food and the wranglers situations are shared. I think to myself this is awesome.

We head to cocktails, dinner, and an evening of libations. We hang with the staff, wranglers and other guests. The rum, the beer and the soda flows.

Around the fire, Erina, tim and Brian sing for the moment, country, classic and songs which make the night melt away to reveal the milky way.


I turn in. The night was the best night of sleep I had in months.

I wake and shower. Breakfast is in 30 minutes; it is the only thing on schedule. Ken and I go to breakfast. Maddog is knocked out in a benadryll and allergy coma.

Abercrombie and I ride through Yellowstone the manager Chris, and the packer Jacob. The history of what happened to West Yellowstone in the 88 fire was shared. The incredible history and sites were shared as we got a behind the scenes look at the ranch.

We return and grab the bear spray, see a falcon, and head off for a long hike to the top of a switchback trail. Amazing. We hit the top, and share some hopes and dreams as we look across the vistas of gallatin and yellowstone. Montana is wonderful. We hike down, and make it intime for gourmet pizza for lunch.


I begin to mentally prepare for a horseback ride with E, Kim, and Ken. We head off on an easy trail. Wonder through, learn about the horses, and wonder at the landscape and forests.

I sum up my experience this way – i hope Colonel does not work on the do un to others, as you would do to them. I love animals, and hesitated to take control until the very end. An walk and then a trot and finally you find me dismounting, amazed, in awe, and happy.



I amazingly was not soar. Abercrombie was fine too, he was so pumped he signed up for two more rides.

Thanks Kim and E.

We all sit, chat with Marnie, E, Ben, and the ranch managers. We leave the lodge, and sit and watch the stars. The day was done. We were satisfied.

On our way… We’re coming to you Omaha


So we, Maddog and Pablo, are on our way. We left fashionably late at midday.

To start our trip, i pulled the maddog aside and whispered these sweet words:

Rule 1: no talking about the trip
Rule 2: make rumors about 1

One quick knuckle bump, and we agree.

We head to Cumberland Farms, fuel up and start the trip. The odometer read 130121. Our caffenine tolerance fueled as well ( red bull)

I begin driving and we go ipswich to elmira. 6 hours 30 min. Leg 1 down.

We begin calculating the drive… Omaha in 12 hours. 1 fillup

Thus rule 3…

Don’t let maddog do any road trip calculations ( for that matter garmin too)

Maddog just fueled the beast. My turn to nap.

Have a nice day! (thanks A and D)


The Plan

This year we head west. Like so many before Maddog, Abercrombie and I, we head towards the horizon in the West.

First we leave about the same day this year, with a bit of the old and some of the new. We head west across I90 to Michigan; we hit the corner of the state to get things done.

We jet through Chicago through Iowa on to Omaha. We plan to pickup steaks.

We head north to Fargo, North Dakota, and on to the Badlands. We spend a few restful days in Wall, SD, visit the missle silos, and hike the Badlands.

We then head out to Rushmore, Horsethief Lake, Custer, and on to Rapid City. We plan to grab food at the firehouse brew pub.

After dinner we plan to drive on to Billings, and onto the Dude Ranch. We meet up with maddog’s family and we enjoy the surroundings and Yellowstone.

We then drive by Old Faithful, onto Bonneville and onto Denver. We spend a few days in Denver. A mile high and have a great run.

We then drive across the Great Plains to St Louis. we visit the city, and go on to Louisville.

A brief respite with the minor league baseball team, and we are going to be ready for the final drive.

I cannot wait for august. The countdown begins.




2. Merge onto I-95 S via the ramp to Peabody/Boston 33.9 mi
3. Take exit 25 to merge onto I-90 W Partial toll road Entering New York 141 mi
4. Continue onto New York 912M W/New York State Thruway Berkshire Connector Toll road 6.7 mi
5. Take exit 22-61 to merge onto I-87 N toward I-90/Albany/Buffalo Toll road 14.1 mi
6. Continue onto Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway/New York State Thruway Toll road 1.3 mi
7. Merge onto I-90 W Toll road 9.7 mi
8. Take exit 25A to merge onto I-88 W toward NY-7/Schenectady/Binghamton Partial toll road 117 mi
9. Take exit 1 for NY-7 E toward Binghamton 0.3 mi
10. Merge onto NY-7 W 1.9 mi
11. Merge onto I-81 S/I-86 E/NY-17 E via the ramp to Scranton/New York Continue to follow I-81 S 8.6 mi
12. Take exit 1 toward NY-7/US-11/Kirkwood/Conklin/Broome Corp Park 0.3 mi
13. Turn left at Cedarhurst Rd/County Rd 20/Kirkwood Conklin Rd 0.1 mi
14. Turn left to merge onto I-81 N 9.0 mi
15. Slight left at I-86 W/NY-17 W/Southern Tier Expy (signs for Owego/Elmira) Continue to follow I-86 W/Southern Tier Expy Entering Pennsylvania 252 mi
16. Take exit 1A on the left to merge onto I-90 W toward Erie Entering Ohio 110 mi
17. Take the exit onto I-90 W toward Toledo Partial toll road 28.3 mi
18. Merge onto I-80 W Partial toll road Entering Indiana 192 mi
19. Take exit 107 for US-131/IN-13 toward Constantine/Middlebury Toll road 0.6 mi
20. Turn left at US-131 N Entering Michigan 3.5 mi
21. Turn left at US-12 W/W Chicago Rd 4.9 mi
22. Continue onto M-103 S Entering Indiana 3.1 mi
23. Continue onto IN-15 S 1.8 mi
24. Turn left at Toll Booth Toll road 0.2 mi
25. Keep right at the fork and merge onto I-80 W Toll road 80.1 mi
26. Continue onto I-90 W Partial toll road Entering Illinois 36.0 mi
27. Take exit 51D for Madison Street 0.2 mi
28. Turn right at W Madison St 289 ft
29. Take the 1st right onto S Des Plaines St 0.3 mi
30. Turn left at W Jackson Blvd 0.7 mi
31. Turn right at S Federal St 23 ft
32. Head south on S Federal St toward W Van Buren St 0.2 mi
33. Turn right at W Congress Pkwy 0.8 mi
34. Continue onto I-290 W 13.4 mi
35. Continue onto I-88 W (signs for S Tollway/Aurora/I-294/W Tollway/Indiana) Partial toll road 140 mi
36. Take exit 1B to merge onto I-80 W toward Des Moines Entering Iowa 172 mi
37. Take exit 137A on the left to merge onto I-235 W toward Des Moines 14.5 mi
38. Continue onto I-80 W 114 mi
39. Take exit 8 for US-6 toward Council Bluffs/Oakland 0.3 mi
40. Slight right at US-6 W/E Kanesville Blvd Continue to follow US-6 W 7.0 mi
41. Continue onto I-480 W Entering Nebraska 0.5 mi
42. Take exit 4 to merge onto US-6 W/Dodge St toward Qwest Centeromaha/Eppley Airfield 4.0 mi
43. Turn left at Farnam St/S Happy Hollow Blvd 187 ft
44. Turn left at Farnam St 0.2 mi
45. Turn right at S 55th St 0.4 mi
46. Head east on Leavenworth St toward S 54th St 0.1 mi
47. Take the 1st left onto S 52nd St 0.5 mi
48. Turn right at Dodge St 1.9 mi
49. Continue onto S 31st St/Douglas St Continue to follow Douglas St 1.6 mi
50. Take the ramp on the left onto I-480 E Entering Iowa 0.8 mi
51. Take the I-29 S/I-29 N exit toward Sioux City/Kansas City 404 ft
52. Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-29 N Passing through South Dakota Entering North Dakota 417 mi
53. Take exit 66 for 12th Ave N 0.2 mi
54. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 12th Ave N W 135 ft
55. Turn left at 12th Ave N 0.1 mi
56. Merge onto I-29 S/US-81 S via the ramp to Sioux Falls Continue to follow I-29 S Entering South Dakota 141 mi
57. Take exit 177 for US-212 0.3 mi
58. Turn right at US-212 W/172nd St/9th Ave SE Continue to follow US-212 W 73.0 mi
59. Continue onto US-281 S/W 3rd St Continue to follow US-281 S 3.5 mi
60. Turn right at S Dakota 26 W/177th St Continue to follow S Dakota 26 W 25.8 mi
61. Turn left at S Dakota 45 S 16.3 mi
62. Turn right at US-14 W/W 14th St/197th St Continue to follow US-14 W 70.3 mi
63. Turn right at E Elizabeth St 0.4 mi
64. Turn left at N Poplar Ave 0.4 mi
65. Turn right at S Dakota 34 W/US-14 W/US-83 S/W Sioux Ave Continue to follow S Dakota 34 W/US-14 W/US-83 S 1.0 mi
66. Turn right at US-14 W/Yellowstone St Continue to follow US-14 W 113 mi
67. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Wall and merge onto I-90 W 1.7 mi
68. Take exit 110 for S Dakota 240/Glenn St toward Wall/Badlands 0.2 mi
69. Turn right at Glenn St/Sn 240 Continue to follow Glenn St 0.4 mi
70. Turn left at 6th Ave 0.1 mi
71. Take the 2nd right onto Main St 128 ft
72. Head north on Main St toward 5th Ave 0.1 mi
73. Take the 1st left onto W 4th Ave 0.3 mi
74. Continue straight onto Airport Rd 0.4 mi
75. Turn right to merge onto I-90 W 52.4 mi
76. Take exit 57 to merge onto I-190 S/US-16 W toward B.H. National Forest/Mt Rushmore/Downtown 1.8 mi
77. Turn left at Omaha St 0.2 mi
78. Turn right at US-16 W/Mt Rushmore Rd Continue to follow US-16 W 18.0 mi
79. Exit on the left onto US-16 Alt E/U.S. Highway 16A E/U.S. Route 16A E 3.7 mi
80. Continue onto S Dakota 244 2.5 mi
81. Head northwest on S Dakota 244 W 2.1 mi
82. Turn left at Horse Thief Lake Rd 0.5 mi
83. Head northwest on Horse Thief Lake Rd toward S Dakota 244 E 0.5 mi
84. Turn left at S Dakota 244 W 5.9 mi
85. Turn left at US-16 W/US-385 S 10.7 mi
86. Turn right at US-16 W/Custer St/Mt Rushmore Rd Continue to follow US-16 W Entering Wyoming 36.3 mi
87. Slight right at S Summit Ave 0.5 mi
88. Turn left at US-16 W/W Main St Continue to follow US-16 W 48.0 mi
89. Turn right at E Converse St 0.3 mi
90. Turn left to merge onto I-90 W Entering Montana 402 mi
91. Take exit 306 for N 7th Ave 0.3 mi
92. Turn left at N 7th Ave/I-90 Frontage W Continue to follow N 7th Ave 1.3 mi
93. Turn right at US-191 S/W Main St Continue to follow US-191 S 6.9 mi
94. Turn left at US-191 S/Gallatin Rd 5.6 mi
95. Turn right at Gateway South Rd/Mill St Continue to follow Gateway South Rd 0.8 mi
96. Turn right toward Axtell Gateway Rd 56 ft
97. Turn right at Axtell Gateway Rd 0.7 mi
98. Head south on Axtell Gateway Rd 0.7 mi
99. Turn left toward Gateway South Rd 56 ft
100. Turn left at Gateway South Rd 0.8 mi
101. Turn right at US-191 S/Gallatin Rd Continue to follow US-191 S Passing through Wyoming Entering Montana 76.4 mi
102. Turn left at US-191 S/US-20 E/US-287 S/Yellowstone Ave Continue to follow US-191 S/US-20 E/US-287 S Partial toll road This road may be seasonally closed Entering Wyoming 14.0 mi
103. Turn right at US-191 S/US-20 E/US-287 S/US-89 S Toll road This road may be seasonally closed 13.9 mi
104. Turn left 2.1 mi
105. Head west toward US-191 S/US-20 E/US-287 S/US-89 S 2.1 mi
106. Turn right at US-191 N/US-20 W/US-287 N/US-89 N Toll road This road may be seasonally closed 13.9 mi
107. Turn left at US-191 N/US-20 W/US-287 N/W Entrance Rd Continue to follow US-191 N/US-20 W/US-287 N Partial toll road This road may be seasonally closed Entering Montana 14.0 mi
108. Turn right at N Canyon St 0.2 mi
109. Turn left at US-20 W/Firehole Ave Continue to follow US-20 W Entering Idaho 107 mi
110. Slight right to merge onto I-15 S/US-20 W toward Arco/Pocatello Continue to follow I-15 S Entering Utah 247 mi
111. Take exit 273 for 1600 N/UT-241 toward Lindon 0.3 mi
112. Turn left at UT-241 W/W 1600 N St Continue to follow W 1600 N St 0.5 mi
113. Turn right at N 1200 W St 0.5 mi
114. Turn left at W 1200 N 0.4 mi
115. Head west on W 1200 N toward N 900 W St 0.4 mi
116. Turn left at N 1200 W St 0.5 mi
117. Take the 2nd right onto W 800 N 0.2 mi
118. Turn left to merge onto I-15 S toward Las Vegas 13.5 mi
119. Take exit 258 to merge onto US-6 E toward Price/Manti/US-89 E 5.3 mi
120. Continue straight onto US-6 E/US-89 S Continue to follow US-6 E 123 mi
121. Take the ramp onto I-70 E Entering Colorado 335 mi
122. Take exit 261 to merge onto US-6 E toward 6th Avenue 8.8 mi
123. Continue onto 6th Ave Fwy 1.0 mi
124. Continue onto W 6th Ave 0.7 mi
125. Turn left at Lincoln St 0.9 mi
126. Turn right at E 14th Ave 358 ft
127. Head east on E 14th Ave toward Grant St 0.9 mi
128. Turn left at Gilpin St 0.1 mi
129. Take the 1st right onto E Colfax Ave 12.2 mi
130. Take the ramp onto I-70 E Partial toll road Entering Kansas 581 mi
131. Slight left at I-670 E Entering Missouri 4.1 mi
132. Merge onto I-70 E 244 mi
133. Take exit 247 toward Grand Blvd 0.1 mi
134. Turn right at E Grand Ave 0.2 mi
135. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on E Grand Ave 1.9 mi
136. Turn left at Cozens Ave 446 ft
137. Head southeast on Cozens Ave toward Francis St 115 ft
138. Take the 1st right onto Francis St 0.1 mi
139. Turn left at Dr Martin Luther King Dr 164 ft
140. Sharp right at Page Blvd 0.1 mi
141. Take the 1st left onto N Grand Blvd 1.0 mi
142. Turn left onto the ramp to I-64 E/US-40 E 0.3 mi
143. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-64/US-40 E and merge onto I-64 E/US-40 E 2.5 mi
144. Continue onto I-70 E Entering Illinois 2.7 mi
145. Slight right at I-64 E/IL-3 N (signs for Louisville/St Clair Ave) Continue to follow I-64 E Passing through Indiana Entering Kentucky 255 mi
146. Take exit 4 toward 9th St 0.2 mi
147. Slight right at S 9th St/Roy Wilkins Ave 0.2 mi
148. Turn left at W Liberty St 0.6 mi
149. Turn right at S 3rd St 0.1 mi
150. Turn right at W Muhammad Ali Blvd 0.2 mi
151. Turn right at S 5th St 0.1 mi
152. Head north on S 5th St toward W Liberty St 197 ft
153. Take the 1st right onto W Liberty St 0.7 mi
154. Slight right to merge onto I-65 N toward I-64/I-71/Jeffersonville/Indianapolis 0.6 mi
155. Take exit 137 to merge onto I-71 N toward I-64 E/Cincinnati/Lexington 78.6 mi
156. Merge onto I-75 N Entering Ohio 28.4 mi
157. Take exit 10A to merge onto OH-126 E 6.1 mi
158. Merge onto I-71 N via the ramp to Columbus 92.4 mi
159. Merge onto I-70 E 1.4 mi
160. Slight left at I-71 N (signs for Cleveland) 101 mi
161. Take exit 209A-209B to merge onto I-76 E/US-224 E toward Akron 18.4 mi
162. Take the exit onto I-76 E toward Akron 41.8 mi
163. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 E/Youngstown/New York City and merge onto I-80 E Entering Pennsylvania 310 mi
164. Take the exit on the left onto I-380 N 7.6 mi
165. Take exit 8 for PA-423 toward Tobyhanna 0.2 mi
166. Turn right at PA-423 N 0.5 mi
167. Turn left at PA-423 N/Main St 440 ft
168. Take the 2nd right onto PA-423 N/Church St Continue to follow PA-423 N 7.0 mi
169. Continue onto PA-191 N/S Sterling Rd Continue to follow PA-191 N 4.6 mi
170. Continue onto PA-507 N/Lake Wallenpaupack Rd 2.3 mi
171. Take the ramp onto I-84 E Partial toll road Passing through New York Entering Connecticut 145 mi
172. Take exit 27 to merge onto I-691 E toward Meriden 8.6 mi
173. Take exit 11 on the left to merge onto I-91 N toward Hartford/Springfield 16.7 mi
174. Take exit 29 to merge onto CT-15 N/US-5 N toward I-84 E/E Hartford/Boston 0.5 mi
175. Continue onto CT-15 N 1.5 mi
176. Merge onto I-84 E Partial toll road Entering Massachusetts 40.8 mi
177. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-90 E/N.H. – Maine/Boston and merge onto I-90 E Toll road 44.4┬ámi
178. Take exit 14 for I-95 N toward N.H – Maine Partial toll road 1.2┬ámi
179. Follow signs for I-95 N/Waltham/Portsmouth NH and merge onto I-95 N

Skiing and Friends

The day began with a rude awakening. I was the victim of a butt dial.

Ring… Ring… Ring….

I glance at the wall and see the time. It is 4:40 in the morning.

In spite of the early hour, nothing can dampen my spirits. I take a quick rest of the eyes and time flies by, jump up 10 minutes ahead of the alarm, throw on my first two layers, and awake my compatriot.

We grab our ski equipment and head down to the car. A simple turn of the key, and the trip is underway faster than mights go up and tights go down.

I reset the odometer, and make the run for the border. I reach the comfortable cruising speed of 70, for which I am lucky, there were a lot of police.

We pass the NH border, stop at a local health food store, ok so it was dunkin donuts, and pass the 2 hrs plus talking sports and poltics.

We get to Attitash around 9, switch into our gear and realize that we need neck earners, and visit the ski shop. With our individually augmented wardrobes we detour tickets Nd hit the slopes.

We take the triple, the quad, the doubles, and we encounter few lines.

A quick eight runs and we take a break at Bear Peak. LUNCH ­čÖé

We head back out and the cold wind is brutal. We head back to the main lodge and switch out our gear.

We hit another couple runs, and I run into a boot issue, with one run off to fix my boot, I am back skiing with Matt.

We hit a total of eight runs in the afternoon, and head home.

Skiing rocks!

The 60’s Had the Beatles, the 2010s have the Clarks

Tuesday… Oh what an unremarkable day. That is I should say unremarkable to start!

Rain on the Window
Rain on the Window - Flickr

It began the night before with a tropical storm that brought a steady, cold rain.  I went to  sleep knowing that the seas were peaking at 10 foot, and I no longer had to go on a whale watch. It was canceled.

Man O Man. Leaves and the Sea (Whales) are the things that define New England and my colleagues and I had one of our favorite people visiting from the UK. His name is Tim. He is a self-confessed Loti and an awesome friend.

Using the wonders of Skype, Facebook and Sametime, I reached out to the crew, and found Tim, GF, BAC and missed RG.┬á I setup a time to meet Tim at Red’s Sandwich Shop in Salem.
A few directions, a recommendation for parking, and an hour and a half later, I made it into Salem.┬á I stand in front of Red’s and see walking towards me a crew of Red Sox caps.┬á I think Yep That Has to Be Tim!

Sure was, I begin waving, meet up with Tim, and we slap out a bro hug. It’s always good to see a friend. I meet Marissa, Maureen and Ed.

Tim is on his own whirl wind tour for his parents 70th birthdays. You can read Tim’s blog at http://www.tc-soft.com/USA2010/

We wonder around Salem and head towards the Salem Witch Museum.  Tim asks which way we go.  My response is to point in both directions.  Tim whips out his map, and begins orienteering us towards the museum.

Now, I must say Tim’s father has just left the UK’s version of the Scouts after 60 years of leadership.┬á He must have been proud.

We arrive at the museum, we try to get every conceivable form of a discount… BAM! AAA saves the day.┬á We sit/walk through the museum and learn of the Salem Witch Trials.┬á As a side note, I always find it interesting that the Salem Witch Museum mentions Salem, but never mentions the fact that the Witches were not tried in Salem, but Danvers.

We pass through the museum and walk back towards the Hawthorne Hotel, and back down towards Red’s.┬á It’s now time to try something truly delicious.┬á I break into a Red’s Steak Bomb Omlette with Rye Toast (sorry Dr Lapine, it’s going to kill my cholesterol).┬á Tim rips into a Red’s All Meat Omlette. Marissa tries an everything Omlette.┬á Ed tries the Pork Special, which apparently was soft as turd (after translation I think it means it was absolutely perfect).┬á Maureen had the seafood casserole.

Lunch was perfectly New England.  The atmosphere, and the meal, the Service.  All definitions of New England.

We leave the diner and walk to the Post Office to get some stamps for Postcards.  We then head down to Pickering Wharf and gaze at the harbor that is Salem.

After a bit of a walk back to the car, I send Tim to the lovely land of Gloucester, Rockport and set him a drive that ends him in Amesbury.

At that time, I get a call from BA.┬á It’s time to do a group dinner.┬á GF, BA, RG and I get together with Tim and Family at the Flatbread Company a healthy crew of 9 meet.

Food, Drink and stories abound.

Note, I only got lost twice going and coming from the Flatbread Company.

A rainy day can still be amazing!

Best Travels Tim!

This Animal Ended up in Jamaica

With rivulets of water pass by my window, my thoughts stream by.

Last Sunday, in a bit of haste, I rush out of breakfast, and head for the airport. ┬áI make my first flight – American Airlines – Boston to Mia, and begin to focus a bit on the business before me. ┬áI am to present a product for my company to a customer in Jamaica.

I arrive in Miami and meet up with my colleague and friend Eric who is leading the charge with the charge. ┬áEric is what I would refer to as a Seasoned Traveler, and knows the best each airport has to offer. ┬áWe end up in the Admiral’s Lounge and take a break before heading down to the Miami to Kingston flight. ┬áI grab tea and snacks and we catch up.

As the hour ticked by anxiety for the next flight rose, and we headed down to the gate. We were ready to go, but some nut job cut 18 Customs Seals on the plane (the ones under your seat cushion), so they had to take on a drug sniffing dog, and reseal the airplane.

The anxiety crumbled, and we finally departed late.  We arrived in Kingston, passed safely through Jamaican Customs, and were met by Michael.  Michael is a local driver in Kingston who works closely with my Employer.   The warmth with which we were met was not limited to the weather, it included Michael.  (If you need a good person to drive you around Kingston, please send me a note).  Michael connected me with Cutty, our host, and he invited us to the Office at 8:45 AM.

Michael drove us to the airport, and we began the process of checking in.  The first rooms were smoking.  It was a no-go.  We asked for other rooms, and magically the manager upgraded us to Suites.  The suite I received was larger than my apartment (minus the second bedroom), and all for the same price.

A bit famished we met in the Lobby, and headed to the poolside bar, we picked up virgin daquiris and Red Stripes, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken Nachos.  The nachos were fabulous.  The drinks refreshing, and we agreed to meet at 8:00 AM for breakfast.

We parted ways.  Before I met back with Eric, I tossed and turned a thousand times, I had time zone anxiety, the switch going one hour forward tends to throw me off.  I jumped up, ironed my clothes, and headed down to meet Eric at 8:00 AM.

The Courtleigh, where we were staying, had excellent food and a full continental buffet.  We picked food, sat down, and chatted.  It was a fantastic way to start the day.

15 mins before our arrival, we began walking down to the office. ┬áThe office was “a brisk walk” away, it turned into a one minute walk. ┬áWe arrived early, and found guest badges waiting for us, and our host Cutty setting up for our arrival.

We began our day with an introduction to Island time. ┬áIsland time is beautiful. ┬áYou plan to start at 9:30 so you tell everyone to arrive at 9. ┬áAt 9:30 everyone arrives. ┬áIt’s amazing psychology.

Our customers arrived, fascinated and full of vigor, learned about the product, played with the product, and joined us for lunch in the cafeteria.  The caliber of the attendees was so amazing, it made the day go by so effortlessly.

Day 2/3/4/5 was no slouch either. We met so many customers, leaders and amazing people. I cannot thank them all enough.

At the end of the day, we would sample local cuisine, try new things and recap the day.

If you are in Kingston, try Sweetwoods. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kingston-Jamaica/Sweetwood-Jerk-Joint/100372496365

Jerk Joint
Jerk Joint

We ended-up ordering about 4 lbs of Jerked Lamb, Jerked Pork, Jerked Lamb Sausage, two festivals, and yams.  We ate it with Scotch Bonnet sauce. It was amazing.

If you want to try a refreshing drink, try a Lime Sqwash.

If you want to try something uniquely Jamaica, try June Plum Juice.

With the bulk of the week done, we headed back to the airport (thanks to Michael), and headed home. I arrived at home at 1:30 AM Saturday. Exhausted, but grateful for the experience. ┬áI can’t wait until we go back to visit the customer (which they have gracefully asked we do).

Thanks Cutty. Thanks Eric.