The Ginger People – Crystallized Fiji Ginger

Part of my trip in Richmond found me in the oft mentioned Chocolate Store and Carytown.  I found the Fiji Ginger snack (or to be 100% transparent – my better half found it). The crystallized ginger is SUPERB, it actually might be the best I have ever had.  The exterior is firm, the interior light […]

L.A. Burdick – Chocolate Dipped Fruit – Ginger

Maybe my fan-dom of Ginger has made it around the world and back?   And others are just making these ginger treats for my benefit.  I realize the reality that there are others that share the same passion. LA Burdick, a small chain of shops, located in New England and New York City. One store, […]

Q’s Key Lime Ginger Almonds

For those familiar with Farmers Markets, there are some real hidden gems. Some of these hidden gems include Ginger, yum. Saturday found me at the Natick Farmer’s Market. The Market is well attended by vendors and individuals even in November.   I cannot deny it, the attendance surprised me – farms, soda vendors, local meat providers, […]