IBM Social Business Application Development Articles

In 2011, I began work on future of application development work with business partners, and have since switched to Application Development work in general.

Community articleGetting Started with IBM Connections API via OAuth

IBM Connections is a social software platform that can help your organization engage the right people, connect with groups of people and share content and embedded experiences. The platform enables the user to make everything social, quickly search for relevant information, and unlock creativity. …

Community articleCustomizing the IBM Connections Theme for the IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business

The IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business contains many software products, which can be used in almost any environment. One common change is to modify the environment to match the look and feel of a customer’s environment. For developers who are generating, experimenting, and generally …

Community article28 June 2013 – Details

The IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business has a new version posted. The new version improves performance, and adds more features which Developers need in order to demonstrate and integrate IBM’s software platform. The document here describes how to provision the 28 June Image, New …

Community articleAdding iWidget to My Profile for the IBM Quickstart

As a developer, one may wish to extend a user’s profile using an iWidget to present relevant social artifacts from a 3rd party application. If one were using the Acme Airlines Social Sample from the IBM Social Business Toolkit, one may wish to present a user’s flights in an iWidget. There are a

Community articleHow to update the quickstart to support Widgets

In order to give a user administrative access to widgets, we can assign some privileges to one of the users fadams. You need to start the deployment manager on the quickstart. Connect to the system via SSH sudo etcinit.dConServerDMwas.init start Navigate to …

Community articleServices and Ports for the Quickstart

The IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business has many services on the system – IBM Sametime, IBM Domino and IBM Connections. You can access the services using the following URLs. IBM Domino WebAdmin https:{HOSTNAME}WebAdmin.nsf IBM Domino Welcome https:{HOSTNAME}Welcome.nsf IBM …

Community articleTroubleshooting: QSIADMIN Login to IBM Connections

When logging into IBM Connections with the QSIADMIN user, you may be warned about an automatic logout. You can fix this with some simple steps. Navigate to https:{HOSTNAME}webadmin.nsf Enter User Name Enter Password {YOURPASSWORD} Click People and Groups Expand …

Community articleAdding a User to the Quickstart

you may want to add users to match your organization, and load them quickly into IBM Connections on the Quickstart. If you don’t need to load the users with mail, this is the series of steps for you, if you do need to load the users with Mail, you should use the separate registration process. …

Community articleChanging the Report to Chain

When developing your integration, you may need to change the number of report to users, or manager employee relationships. The relationship is retrieved from the Domino LDAP. In order to change the ManagerReport to Chain, please follow these steps. Navigate to …

Community articleEnable Mail Relay on the Quickstart

If you add custom users, and wish to route mail outside of the Renovations domain, such as sending a mail to You may see the error SMTP Server Attempt to relay mail to rejected for policy reasons. Relays to recipient’s domain denied in your configuration. Login to …

Community articleHow to enable @ Mentions in Connections

In order to configure your environment for @Mentions, such embedding in a message, which is used to notify another user. SSH over to your machine Type sudo s Type lcStatus stop Type cd …

Community articleHow to use Self-Signed Certificates with IBM Connections in your Development Environment

When developing an integration between IBM Connections and your Development Instance, you may be using a selfsigned certificate. You can run into issues, where the core Java components which call your webservice throw errors. For instance your error may be: C:Program Files …

Community articleDemonstrate Integrations between XPages and IBM Connections – Trouble Tickets

The IBM Collaboration Quickstart for Social Business image contains some sample applications which demonstrate how you can integrate and build solutions which span multiple platforms. The minimum image

IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK – Virtual Workshop

The Social Business Application Development Virtual Workshop teaches the core concepts necessary to learn about developing social business applications on The IBM platform for Social Business using the common language of the web developer. The virtual workshop

Social Business Application Development with JavaScript and Java Labs

The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate how existing applications can be enhanced to take advantage of the Social capabilities of IBM Connections. This lab requires that you have IBM Connections 4 installed and you have an IBM Social Business Toolkit development environment with the Acme …I presented with Mark E Wallace.

IBM Lotus Symphony Articles

From 2008 to 2011, I wrote many articles on developing, deploying, using and configuring Lotus Symphony.

Automating IBM Lotus Symphony deployments using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager – 10 Nov 2009 – Intermediate

David J. Pearson (, Senior Solution Architect, IBM
Paul Bastide (, IT Specialist, IBM
Soheel Chughtai (, Early Program Manager, IBM

Summary:  This article describes how to build and deploy a custom IBM® Lotus® Symphony™ package using Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, formally Systems Management Server. The article describes in detail how to prepare your custom package with custom plug-ins, add custom branding, and update the Lotus Symphony package home page.

Cross Link: Integrating Notes Data to Symphony Tutorial

Thanks to Bob Balfes and the COMP App Wiki, we have a cross post/link…. In this workshop the student will get familiar with the Lotus Notes View container and the Lotus Symphony container. The stu

Validity Feature and Creating Menus based on Content in Spreadsheets

Asked recently how to add a drop down menu in Symphony…. Go to Manipulate – Validity Select List Type a Range ( ò:F4 where they are conditions or entries in the spreadsheet) Click Ok

Sametime and Lotus Symphony Integration

For those wishing to integrate Sametime and Lotus Symphony into their end-to-end business process., you may find this very valuable. DeveloperWorks China: Sametime and Lotus Symphony Integration htt

Tip and Trick: Text Animations: How to Build Bullet Lists on a Slide in 1.3

Asked the other day how to get a bullet list for a presentation to do a bullet build, I thought it would be valuable to share the steps with the community. My presentation looks like the following p

Bullets and Numbering with Lotus Symphony Presentations

Watch this video to understand bullets and numbering with Lotus Symphony presentations.

Printing your Lotus Symphony Presentations

Setting Preferences for Lotus Symphony Presentations

Watch this video to understand the best practices in setting up Lotus Symphony Presentations

Introduction to Lotus Symphony 1.2

This video is an introduction to Lotus Symphony 1.2.

Add a right click Windows menu option to file types supported by Symphony.

Asked by a partner how he would add a right click menu option for Lotus Symphony files… I thought it would be good to compile the methodology in a document. This document shows how to add a right c

OpenDocument Format Overview for Developers

OpenDocument Format Overview for Developers This article describes the OpenDocument Format and introduces a developer to the files that compose the ODF archive. Introduction to the OpenDocument Format In 2006, the OASIS Industry Consortium convened to develop the Open Document Format (ODF) …

How to Setup a Lotus Symphony Development Environment on Ubuntu

Asked by a partner how I would go about setting up Lotus Symphony Development on Ubuntu, I responded with the following. Download Symphony Ubuntu Symphony SDK …

How to Develop a Simple VBScript/COM Integration with Lotus Symphony

Purpose: Develop a Visual Basic Script to connect into Lotus Symphony. Lotus Symphony is the combination of the Lotus Expeditor and runtime. This runtime has core api, and bridges av

Programmatically Connecting To WebServices through Lotus Symphony Standalone

Occasionally it may be convenient to access 3rd party webservices from your application. As the Desktop Execution Environment is the foundation in the standalone environment, and the packag

Tips and Tricks: Method for working with Multimedia Content

Described here in is a method for working with Multimedia content. Setup Open your Presentation Go to Presentation – Screen Show Settings Click Mouse Pointer Visible Click Ok Adding the Movies

Developing a Plugin that Works with the Currently Loaded Document

As you work to develop a plugin here are a few things to consider while working with the currently loaded document. … When working with the currently active Rich Document, it may be handy to have

Tips and Tricks: Reducing the Size of Your Presentation Delivery

The greatest thing about documents is re-use…. But a bit of cluster can arise…. What follows is a tip on how to reduce the size of a presentation by removing excess Master Templates Note: Rec

Composite Application Components for Lotus Symphony Embedded

The Composite Application Component Library is available at The libary contains over 40 ready-to-u

Tips and Tricks: Transparecy Covers up other items when printing

If you are faced with a graphic that is overlaying your desired image, and the graphic is transparent. Overlays the important data underneath…. Do the following… File – Preferences Navigate

Using Eclipse Plugins to Extend Lotus Symphony

Eclipse plugins to extend through the IBM Lotus Symphony Originally posted by Lou Min On developerWorks China a href”” In this paper, we introduce how …

Understanding IBM Lotus Symphony Programmability

This is loosely translated from: Jin Hua Chen Understand the IBM Lotus Symphony Programmability This article describes the programming model of Lotus Symphony. Developers learn the architecture of Lotus Symphony, and how …

How to clean-up graphics with the Eyedropper

Ever had a slide look like this… The black doesn’t merge with the slide, and sticks out. Lotus Symphony has a cure. It’s called the eyedropper. Go to Tools – Eyedropper Click the Eyedroppe

How to Fix the Generic when adding an Extension

Some developers have been running into the issue of adding a Generic type instead of a specific type, while adding a property to an Extension point. Your Eclipse Sources are not pointing to the right directory… If you download the RCP package and setup your environment, it should fix it …

How to Create a Data Entry Form for Lotus Symphony

Another frequent request is how do you create form with Lotus Symphony. Here are the steps to create a form. Open a New or existing Lotus Symphony Document Next, we need to enable the Form Functions Toolbar Go to View Toolbar Form Functions Your toolbar may be placed on the same line with …

How to gain access to the current document when loaded in a ViewPart / SideShelf?

Often asked…. How to gain access to the current document when loaded in a ViewPart / SideShelf? How to I gain access to the currently loaded document in Lotus Symphony from a sideshelf, if the f

How to Build a Dynamic Chart Element in Presentations

This article helps people break out chart elements in presentations, into composite elements and group as appropriate. Often people copy and paste a chart into a presentation, using Edit – Paste Spe

Building a flow diagram

Watch this video to see how to create a simple flow chart with Symphony Presentations.

Creating a Menu to show only when a view is Active

 If you want to create a menu that only shows when a particular view is active, I suggest consulting this webpage… To make a menu that shows only when the view is active… You can follow this site… …

Applying specific and custom bullets to an imported Slide

If you want to apply that specific color to your bullets on slides you’re pulling in from other decks. Follow these steps: 1) Add a new color File Preferences Colors Type in new nam

Post-Installation Tasks: How to I add Custom Colors to My Users?

Recently I was asked how I add custom colors to my endusers…. I add a post install script. The post install script runs before the first execution of Lotus Symphony. I run a script that edits the following file: On Windows: C:Program …

Making an Accessible Presentation in Lotus Symphony

If you are interested in making your Lotus Symphony Presentations accessible for all your employees, this is the article for you. Before starting to create a presentation have in mind that clarity a

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