Using the IBM FHIR Server and Implementation Guide as Java Modules

The IBM FHIR Server is an extensible HL7 FHIR Server. The IBM FHIR server supports complicated ImplementationGuides (IGs), a set of rules of how a particular problem is solved using FHIR Resources. The implementation guides include a set of Profiles, ValueSets, CodeSystems and supporting resources (Examples, CapabilityStatements). The IBM FHIR Server supports the loading of NPM packages – stored in the (package.tgz). You see the package at the (One just appends package.tgz to any IG site). The IBM FHIR Server includes a number of IGs built-tested-released with each tag. The source is located at: The compiled binaries are…

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Connectathon 29: IBM FHIR Server and the Bulk Data Track

I recently attended the HL7 FHIR Connectathon 29. For those that are not familiar with Connectathons, I think they are fairly unique events featuring standards enthusiasts, vendors and implementors doing hands-on standards development (FHIR) and testing. As an attendee I picked one of the tracks – bulk data.

These are my notes from setting up and testing with the connectathon environment for SMART Backend Authorization Services.

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Recipe: Getting started with the IBM FHIR Server and Terminology

The IBM FHIR Server Terminology module fhir-term provides a FHIR terminology service provider interface (SPI) and a default implementation that implements terminology services using CodeSystem, ValueSet, and ConceptMap resources that have been made available through the FHIR registry module fhir-registry.

This document outlines a small test environment to setup Cassandra and ElasticSearch to run the Terminology and run a simple test.

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Recipe: Setting up IBM FHIR Server and Azure in Development

The IBM FHIR Server has support for exporting and importing Bulk Data using extended operations for Bulk Data $import, $export and $bulkdata-status, which are implemented as Java Maven projects. The IBM FHIR Server uses JSR252 JavaBatch jobs running in the Open Liberty Java Batch Framework to enable access to Large Volumes of HL7 FHIR data. This blog is a follow on to Recipe: IBM FHIR Server – Using Bulk Data with the Azure Blob Service, and provides a docker-compose file that works with the Azure emulator called Azurite. Typically, you can run the container locally: Recipe 1. Pull the image…

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Recipe: Streaming the FHIR Audit from the IBM FHIR Server with Go

The IBM FHIR Server supports audit events for FHIR interactions (CREATE-READ-UPDATE-DELETE-SEARCH-EXTENDED_OPERATION) in Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) and HL7 FHIR AuditEvent and pushing the events to an Apache Kafka backend. You can read more about it in another post I made. This recipe shows how to stream the data with Go-Kafka in a small lightweight library and decode the BASE64 content embedded in CADF. Let’s spin up an IBM FHIR Server with fhir-audit and how to stream and decode the important content. Recipe Log in to the IBM Cloud Console Click Create Resource 3. Search for Event Streams, and click…

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